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Charlamagne, Joy Reid & More Join ‘ALTR’ App

ALTR APP mindset feature (2024)
ALTR APP mindset feature (2024)

*Media personality Charlamagne Tha God, NAACP Image Award nominated journalist and television host Joy Reid, and Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning actress Viola Davis, have teamed up with co-founders David A. Wilson (creator of media platform, The Grio) and tech leader Brandon John-Freso in launching ALTR (pronounced “alter”), an innovative personal development app that offers powerful short-form audiobooks by Black luminaries and authors. ALTR is currently open for early access sign-ups ahead of its highly anticipated late 2024 launch.

Developed in partnership with Davis and husband Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions, the app boasts a diverse array of audiobook titles that cater to the distinct life obstacles faced in the Black community.

“There is power in our collective knowledge. Life becomes easier when you can learn from those who’ve been there before,” explained Davis. “Julius and I are excited to take part in building a platform that will enable millions of people to find guidance for personal growth and see themselves in a space where we’re not usually represented.”

ALTR is designed to provide answers and uplift the Black community in spaces where they are disproportionately impacted by challenges such as mental well-being, feelings of isolation, financial stability, spirituality and personal relationships, among other categories. Embedded within the company’s mission is a recognition of the thriving audio market and the significant demand for self-help content, particularly among Black audiences. Remarkably, the Black population, especially Black women, stand as the largest consumers of self-help material, yet they face a substantial shortage of content tailored to their experiences. This void is what propelled the co-founders Wilson and John-Freso to create ALTR.

“There is a yearning for solutions and knowledge from our cultural perspectives. Our authentic voices are lacking in the existing self-help, wellness and educational platforms, which is why we’ve been able to galvanize broad support from trusted voices in our community,” co-founder Wilson shared. “We’re revolutionizing the audiobook experience by introducing a novel approach to creating and accessing short-form content. Unlike traditional audiobooks, which can take months or years to produce, ALTR’s short-form audio books enable authors to share condensed, essential, and timely knowledge in a snack-able format that perfectly aligns with our listeners’ fast-paced consumption habits,” said co-founder John-Freso.

ALTR APP (2024)
ALTR APP (2024)

Reid also shared, “From my purview as a cable news host covering the tumultuous political and social landscape, there is a growing sense of uncertainty amongst Black Americans on what it all means for their future. I love that ALTR provides clarity, comfort, and community for those looking to master their own destinies.”

In addition to offering personal development and motivational content, ALTR fosters active engagement and community interaction through Q&A sessions, discussions and assignments. With a user-friendly interface and personalized learning pathways, ALTR is devoted to providing its community with a holistic educational experience.

Join the Community
As ALTR prepares for its Q3 2024 launch, the company invites investors, content contributors, and educational enthusiasts to join the community by signing up at altrmindset.com to access exclusive content previews and early access offers.

About ALTR
Co-founded by Wilson and John-Freso, ALTR is a personal development media platform featuring short-form audiobooks designed to enrich the lives of Black Americans. The company leverages knowledge from the most revered luminaries and authors to inspire transformation in one’s personal, professional, and spiritual lives. Stay up to date on all things ALTR by visiting altrmindset.com

About JuVee Productions
JuVee Productions is an artist-driven, Los Angeles-based production company that develops and produces independent film, television, theater, VR, and digital content across all spaces of narrative entertainment. JuVee Productions seeks to produce economical yet premium, sophisticated, and character-driven stories. With an emphasis on producing narratives from a diverse range of emerging and established voices alike, JuVee Productions aims to become the go-to creative hub where the next generation of filmmakers and artists have the space to craft dynamic stories spanning the broad spectrum of humanity.

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