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An Old Clip Shows Louis Farrakhan Once Called Kendrick Lamar ‘The Boss’ and Endorsed His ‘Cultural Revolution’

Kendrick Lamar - Drake (AFP-WireImage-Getty Images via CNN Newsource)
Kendrick Lamar – Drake (AFP-WireImage-Getty Images via CNN Newsource)

*As the dust tries to settle on the recent heated hip-hop beef between Kendrick Lamar and Toronto native Drake, the social users, on the other hand, are determined to raise more dust. They — possibly Lamar’s fans on social media — went digging and unearthed something they consider juicy and strong enough to add points to Lamar: kind, encouraging mention by the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

The mention is actually from an old clip of one of Louis Farrakhan’s sermons, which is now circulating online and gathering more views. At some point during the sermon, Kendrick Lamar is mentioned in the conversation.

“To our community, to our cultural giants, say what you feel. Put it out there with strength. They allowed you to call your women b***hes and wh***s, now put it out there that you love yourself…we’ll back you up,” says the minister who adds: “Kendrick Lamar, set a new standard. He freed rappers to come on up. He’s the boss…the cultural revolution is on!”

That he called Lamar, a Compton native, by name tells a lot. This is an old clip made likely somewhere in 2017, which means Louis Farrakhan made the above statements before the recent beef between Lamar and Drake started. But for Lamar’s fans, the endorsement might as well mean that Farrakhan is siding with Lamar against Drake.

Kendrick Lamar and Louis Farrakhan - (Twitter)
Kendrick Lamar and Louis Farrakhan – (Twitter)

So far, neither Lamar nor the minister have commented on the clip. But even in his silence, it’s easy to guess what Lamar is thinking about it. He can only be glad it was dug out around this time.

Lamar and Farrakhan met probably for the first time in 2017, at least publicly. At that time, their meeting made headlines after the spiritual leader himself took to social media to talk about it, according to theJasmineBrand.

He shared images with the caption: “I was very honored to meet and talk with my powerful brother and Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar. The Cultural Revolution is On.”

As far as the beef goes, Lamar has always been on the offensive even before it blew into this. In the past, he would criticize Drake’s negative influence on the Black culture, even accusing him of not respecting or liking Black women in the song “Meet the Grahams.”

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