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Whoopi Goldberg on Weight Loss Journey Using Diabetes Medication: ‘I’ve Lost Almost Two People’ | Video

*Whoopi Goldberg has turned to the type 2 diabetes medication Mounjaro for weight loss.

“I’m doing that wonderful shot that works for folks who need some help and it’s been really good for me,” she told host Kelly Clarkson on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” May 13, TODAY reports. 

“The View” co-host, who was previously 300 pounds, said, “I’ve lost almost two people” — referring to her weight. 

During the conversation, Clarkson confirmed that she used an unnamed medication to help with her own weight loss journey. Whoopi and the ladies of “The View” defended Clarkson after she received backlash for confirming that she’s taking a weight loss drug.

“Kelly is getting backlash over this from people who say she previously claimed she was losing weight by walking,” Goldberg said, New York Post reports. “But here’s a point about that. A lot of people are taking the shot because they need it … There’s lots of reasons.”

She continued, “She has been walking, but this has helped. They kick her behind when she’s bigger, they kick her behind when she’s lost the weight and now they’re kicking her behind because she said it out loud. Maybe she was more comfortable hearing somebody say that’s what I did.”

Sunny Hostin noted, “There’s an epidemic of depression in this country, an epidemic of women shaming women, men shaming men, men shaming women. It all has to stop.”“

Goldberg said, “We need to let people do what they need to do to get where they need to get to, and stop being mad that they’re not doing it your way. Cause it’s not like what you’re really doing. Just like you don’t actually know what our personal lives are,” she said.

“If you’re doing something that’s good for you and keeping you healthy, nobody’s mad at you,” she added.

Watch the debate via the YouTube clip above.

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