Monday, June 17, 2024

Woman Arrested for Threatening to Post Nude Photos of Her Ex-Girlfriend Unless Paid $16,000

Ashley Harper (Shelby County Sheriff's Office)
Ashley Harper (Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

*Memphis police arrested a 30-year-old jilted lover who threatened to publicize nude photos of her ex-girlfriend unless the ex paid her $16,000. Ashley Harper got furious after breaking up with a married woman, according to police. Even before her arrest, a restraining order was placed against her.

She has been charged with extortion and unlawful exposure. The married woman has admitted she indeed had an affair with Harper. According to the Memphis Police Department, the married woman ended the relationship with Harper and informed her she only wanted to be friends, but Harper wanted the relationship to continue.

She then threatened to post nude photos the married woman had previously sent her. The victim of extortion told the police that Harper demanded $16,000 from her and her husband, without which she’d post the nude photos online. Additionally, she threatened to harm the married woman physically should she fail to pay the amount.

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The woman provided evidence of Harper’s harassment to the court, and that’s how she had been granted a protective order. She has also provided a text message screenshot of Harper demanding $16,000.

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