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Sharon Osbourne Claims She Was Punished by CBS for Slamming Meghan Markle’s Oprah Interview
 Piers Morgan and Sharon Osborune / via Twitter

*Sharon Osbourne is speaking out about her fallout with CBS, claiming an executive arranged for her former co-hosts on “The Talk” to embarrass her on national television after she defended Piers Morgan’s criticism of Meghan Markle

Osborne tells Page Six that the network’s head of programming, Amy Reisenbach, sought to punish her after Osbourne, a CBS employee, publicly dissed Markle’s bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview. She also supported Morgan’s attack on the broadcast and Reisenbach allegedly saw this as a betrayal. 

Osbourne claims that “The Talk” showrunners Kristin Matthews and the late Heather Gray told her that they reluctantly carried out Reisenbach’s payback orders. This seemingly involved co-host Sheryl Underwood accusing Osbourne of being a racist for supporting Morgan.

Osbourne exited “The Talk” after 11 years following a racially charged on-air debate with Underwood about Morgan’s disdain for Markle. 

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The Talk co-hosts
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“They were initially pissed with me because I was saying the [Oprah broadcast] was s–t. Just to people at the studio. I didn’t feel it was genuine,” Osbourne told Page Six on Tuesday, adding, “I had supported Piers [in defense of his] freedom of speech because he’s a journalist.”

“I think they were pissed off with me, and then when I supported Piers, it was like, ‘Oh god!,’” she said of the network, “and then they were trying to make an issue, but by doing it very cleverly by accusing me, because I’d supported Piers, I must be a racist because he was racist because he had attacked Meghan.”

Back in March 2021, Osbourne clapped back at claims by former colleagues that she’s a vile racist. She was accused of calling Julie Chen “slanty eyes” and referred to lesbian actress Sara Gilbert as a “p—y licker”.

Speaking to Daily Mail and ET, Osbourne called the accusations “crap.”

Osbourne said she was targeted out of  “revenge,” by bitter people who are “coming out with stupid, childish comments.” She added, “It’s all crap… It’s got no real foundation. Allegations of calling a Chinese lady a wonton, it’s like — is that all you’ve got? It’s like really?”

She continued, “Everyone’s got an opinion or a story like a wonton story. It’s like f**k off with your f**king wonton story. F**k off!”

Osbourne said, “all these little people who want to come out with a story about [Piers] or me from the ’70s or ’80s or whatever, it’s like f**k you all,” she said. “I couldn’t care less. And I’m not going to defend myself. It’s like, oh shut up. I’m too bloody busy.”

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