Sunday, September 25, 2022

LAPD: PnB Rock’s Death May Have Been ‘Planned Execution’ | VIDEO

*PnB Rock’s murder at the famed Roscoe’s House of Chicken ’N Waffles last week could have been a planned execution, LAPD sources tell TMZ.

While fans were quick to believe that his girlfriend, Steph, posting their location as they dined at the famed restaurant had ultimately resulted in the rapper’s untimely passing, amid law enforcement officer’s investigation, it appears as if the Instagram Story post was not the cause of PnB’s death after all.

Sources add that an inquiry is being performed in the ties PnB shared with locals in Atlanta, where he’s said to have spent a lot of his personal time outside of Los Angeles, alongside his native city, Philadelphia. Cops are questioning people to uncover whether the “Fendi” star was actively feuding with peers in both cities, while lyrics to his songs have also come into question.

It’s noted that while police initially suspected that the Instagram Story PnB’s girlfriend posted online, which revealed where the pair were dining in the lead-up to his death, played a part in the murder, they have since become under the impression that the thieves, who fled the scene with his chains, had a premeditated motive for ending his life. A source tells TMZ there could’ve been a “more elaborate scheme” from someone who wanted PnB dead.

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Wait. There’s more …

TMZ posits that “cops initially thought it was a fatal robbery — in which random thieves came across PnB and/or his girlfriend’s social media, saw what they were up to, and went on the attack. But why then didn’t they just snatch his chains and leave, rather than shooting him multiple times and killing him?”

The site also adds: “Now, as for where things stand in terms of ID’ing the suspects and/or the getaway car … our sources say cops are still trying to track down the vehicle through video feeds. We’re told they’re getting lots of tips, but it’s taking time to sift through them to see which are legit.”

No matter how you cut it … the fact that this L.A. investigation is now crossing state lines is pretty stunning — and they certainly wouldn’t do that without at least a good hunch.




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