Saturday, October 1, 2022

John Pretorius Makes Universal Music American Style

John Pretorius Humanitarian Award (Botswana)
John Pretorius Humanitarian Award (Botswana)

*How does a gifted musician from Northern Cape, South Africa with a PhD in Social Science and Mathematics become one of America’s adored composers?  Just ask John Pretorius.

At seventeen years old Pretorius moved from Northern Cape to Cape Town, where he graduated with a degree in teaching.  Later he earned a dual doctorate in Social Studies and Math.

However, music held a special place in his heart.  John became an expert in Sound Engineering, Production & Jazz Studies.  He seized every opportunity to perform locally, often times showcasing his original songs.

Pistorius drew inspiration from his life and history, which led to him writing his most famous song “Sekunjalo Ke Nako.”

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John Pretorius with the late Nelson Mandela.
John Pretorius with the late Nelson Mandela.

It became a favorite anthem for the people of South Africa.  John later partnered with American legend Jermaine Jackson (of Motown’s Jackson 5) to perform “Free at Last.”

Not only did the song mark the end of the reign of apartheid, but it was also a dedication to freedom fighter Nelson Mandela.  Soon after, John Pretorius was sharing the stage performing with American artists Stevie Wonder, the late Ray Charles and others in celebration of Martin Luther King Day all across America.

John has recently announced the 30-year anniversary release of ‎Free at Last – Single by John Pretorius on Apple Music

John Pretorius with actor Danny Glover.
John Pretorius with actor Danny Glover.

John formed a camaraderie with producer Quincy Jones, actor Steven Seagal, actor Danny Glover and comedian Chris Tucker. He even recorded with Wyclef Jean on the 2010 FIFA World Cup album “Listen Up!”

John Pretorius has gained respect and recognition all around the world. But since recording the FIFA World cup album, he now endeavors to be a part of the Official 2026 World Cup USA Committee.

Humanitarians, global causes and music go hand in hand.  So naturally, Mr. Pretorius has formed alliances with American superstars Bono, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Bruce Springsteen to record the songs “Land of the Free” and “Human.”

These songs are intended to be theme songs for a series of International World Peace Concerts set to kick off in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta in March 2023.  The event will be in conjunction with other peace concerts worldwide.

John Pretorius at Oscar Party with actress Rhada Mitchell
John Pretorius at Oscar Party with actress Rhada Mitchell

Education, technology and entertainment have all been conquered in John’s world.  He has completed certifications at Harvard University for Apple Technology and One World Global Communication.

John is a regular invitee to The Sally Awards, The American Music Awards and other stellar events.  He has made a name for himself in South Africa, France, Germany, Switzerland, London, Singapore, Australia and many other places around the world but the United States holds a special place in the heart of John Pretorius.

In fact, he has become a valuable asset to the American entertainment industry and a global humanitarian, who continues to prove that with hard work, faith and determination, dreams do come true.




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