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Brooklyn Pastor Arrested After Being Caught on Camera ‘Choking’ Woman During Sunday Service | WATCH

Lamor Whitehead
Lamor Whitehead / Instagram

**UPDATE … Bishop Lamor Whitehead was indeed arrested Sunday after grabbing a woman he said he believed was a threat to his family during a service. He was released about two hours after being detained at the weekend.

“They lock me up in front of my children, in front of my wife, in front of my church,” Whitehead told the New York Daily News. “They publicly embarrassed me and then they drop all the charges after two hours and apologize to me.”

Whitehead said when the two women entered the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry on Sunday in the middle of his sermon, they came in “the same way it happened when my church got robbed.”

Read on for info regarding the story that we published earlier.

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*The Brooklyn pastor who made headlines recently after being robbed of $1 million worth of jewelry during Sunday service is back in the news for allegedly manhandling a woman. 

Bishop Lamor Whitehead, who heads the local chapter of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries, was reportedly questioned by police Sunday after seemingly choking the woman during his service. It’s unclear what prompted him to lay hands on the woman but TMZ writes, “NYPD sources tell us … there was an argument over somebody filming Whitehead/the service, and it boiled over with an alleged physical confrontation.”

Someone inside the church filmed the incident and the clip was shared on YouTube. Watch the footage below.

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Here’s more about the situation via TMZ:

He asks the woman if she wants to come up and deliver the word for him, and then starts telling the visitors to praise Jesus while speaking in tongues. When the woman finally does reach the altar, he grabs her by the head and appears to shove her out of frame.

Whitehead tells somebody to get her out of here, and says he felt threatened … seemingly as justification for what he did. He then continues the service normally like nothing happened.

Law enforcement was reportedly called to the scene but no arrests were made, according to the report. 

Whitehead and the alleged victim were reportedly taken to a precinct for further investigation. As of the first reporting of this story, the pastor had not been arrested/charged with a crime.


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Following the incident, Whitehead took to social media to share a video message in which he claimed the woman, and others deliberately disrupted his service as they are allegedly tied to an ongoing legal matter he’s involved in. The pastor claims the woman was threatening his wife and baby daughter, so he did what he had to do to protect them. 

Watch the clip below.

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