Saturday, October 1, 2022

‘Avenue 5’ Stars Talk Favorite Scenes in Season 2 | Watch EUR Exclusive

*Season two of the HBO ensemble space comedy Avenue 5 returns in October, and we caught up with a few of the series stars to dish about what viewers can expect.

The series is set approximately 40 years in the future, a time when you can schedule a space vacation like booking a cruise. Season one of “Avenue 5” left viewers with a cliffhanger as the bumbling captain, played by Hugh Laurie, was contemplating how to tell the crew and passengers that they were stuck and it would be eight years back to Earth for eight years instead of eight weeks.

We also follow the crew, including the intense engineer Billie (Lenora Crichlow) and the sarcastic head of customer relations Matt (Zach Woods.) In our exclusive conversation, Crichlow said she loves Billie’s intolerance for niceties. She loves how goal-oriented the character is and that she skips the fluff to get right to the point. The actor said she was hoping for more time with the characters in season two.

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Zach Woods in Avenue 5

“I think season one sets up all the characters. Not only for the writers but you as an actor. You suddenly know who your playmates are. And so I always love it when there are not huge big crowd scenes, even though they’re fun. But the little scenes where you’ve got three or four people stuck in a room trying to figure things out and play off each other. That’s what I look forward to,” Crichlow said.

Woods agreed, “the more you can have that kind of nuclear family of the characters interacting underneath the noise of the kind of collective chaos, those are always my favorite scenes too. There is one episode scene where all the characters are locked into various rooms together. So for that reason, there’s not a lot of movement, and there’s not a lot of groups. And that was extremely fun. So that was extremely fun to do.”

When it comes to the fate of the ship, Crichlow said if she were a passenger, she would rather receive the grim news a little bit at a time.

“I don’t want to know; I always want to relax when you have information. If they said, Oh, we just got an extra year. And then towards the end of that, once you’ve got through it, they said we’ve got one more year, and I think, I’ve already done a year, it wasn’t that bad. But that’s a lot if you say eight years off the bat. So I don’t mind being lied to in that situation,” said Crichlow.

The eight-episode second season of “Avenue 5” hits HBO and HBO Max on October 10.

Check out my full conversation with Woods and Crichlow via the clip below.




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