Sunday, September 25, 2022

Yes! Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Trailer Has Little Black Girls Excited for Black Ariel (Halle Bailey) | WATCH

*This week, Disney fans got a glimpse of the new live-action film The Little Mermaid starring incredible entertainer, Halle Bailey, and let’s just say fans are absolutely loving it so far.

The trailer starts with a snippet of Halle’s version of the song Part Of Your World, which was originally sung by Jodi Benson. Seconds into the clip, the 22-year-old finally appears on screen as she continues the song.

While the trailer has been getting great feedback online, many can’t get over the sweet clips of Black children, particularly young girls, watching the trailer for the first time and reacting to seeing another black girl on their screens.

Twitter user @normanination4 shared a great thread on Twitter with some of the best viral videos. She tweeted, “As I stroll on TikTok, I keep seeing parents video their children reacting to The Little Mermaid trailer. So instead of focusing so much on the negative, I thought I’d show a thread of the little black kids who are excited to see their favorite princess look like them.”

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Check out more reactions to the kiddie’s reactions:

Man I’m so happy these kids growing up today and future are going to be able to see themselves outside of typical slave or drug dealer movie. When I was there age I was looking at Diamond from playerz club 😩😩

This is such a beautiful thing to see!!!

Love this so much 👏😍

I can’t lie I love little mermaid 💕 When I was a kid my bedroom was Little Mermaid 🤗🤷🏽

this made my entire day & to think people are actually complaining about it. i think she looks beautiful and i couldn’t be happier that Halle is portraying my favorite princess 🧜🏽‍♀️

This is by far the cutest thing ever . REPRESENTATION MATTERS 🤌🏾🤍😍

That last slide you could hear the mom trying to give the reaction herself to make her girls do it too. Lmaooooo My daughter just said, “she’s pretty” because we already went over the ‘representation matters’ thing, so she gets the importance and how she hardly ever see’s black and brown excluded from many things. But she also is starting to see the inclusion as well. The part that doesn’t probably hit home in her heart is the time. How LONG it has been. She comprehends it but the time part of it doesn’t hit her generation as much as it hits us that are older and we grew up on seeing only ONE type of face in our cartoons and kids movies and shows.




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