Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Is It Real or Fake? Viral Video Shows Live Snake Stuck in Woman’s Ear | Watch

snake in ear
Facebook/Chandan Singh

*The internet seems divided over the legitimacy of a video that shows a “surgeon” trying to remove a live snake from a woman’s ear. 

Video of the herpetological surgery has racked up more than 125,000 views as viewers speculate whether or not the squirm-inducing footage is authentic.

“The snake has gone in the ear,” reads the caption to the Facebook clip that was posted Sept. 1 by an India-based social media star Chandan Singh, New York Post reports. 

Watch the disturbing clip below.

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As reported by the Economic Times, it’s unclear how the black and yellow serpent was able to invade the woman’s ear and then poke out headfirst, as if it slithered inside her eardrum and then turned around. 

The clip shows an alleged medical professional using tweezers, forceps, and Q-tips in an attempt to extract the snake — to no avail. The four-minute clip ends without revealing whether or not the process was a success. 

“He looks like a bogus doctor,” said one skeptical Facebook commenter.  “That’s why he’s pulling off so many tricks.”

“The fact he keeps playing with it and not really making an effort to try and get it out makes this whole video unreal, like why is it taken a surgeon that long to remove a small snake,” another person posted.

“Instead of a doctor, a snake charmer would have extracted the snake,” said one commenter. 

“I think it’s a cut off snake head that still has some movement in it if it was was a whole snake down in her ear she’d be in much more pain then that,” one user wrote.

“It’s bullsh*t. If you cut the head off of a snake, it makes reflexive movements for some time after death. They just stuck a snake head in her ear like some sort of twisted earbud. It isn’t physically possible for a snake that size to crawl into the ear and then turn around to have it’s head face outward. People so stupid,” said another.

Check out the clip above and you be the judge. Is it real or fake?

Ny MaGee
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