Sunday, September 25, 2022

Tokyo Toni Ain’t Buyin’ Story of Blac Chyna Banking $240M Via OnlyFans

Tokyo Toni - Blac Chyna
Tokyo Toni – Blac Chyna

*Tokyo Toni doesn’t believe that her daughter, #BlacChyna, brought in over $200 million dollars from #OnlyFans last year, and she’s not afraid to say it.

Just to provide a little backstory, earlier this month, it was announced that Blac Chyna ranked as one of OnlyFans’ top-earning creators, with a massive $20 million dollars a month reported as her income.

Many of today’s hottest celebrities and influencers are generating wealth by delivering exclusive content to the subscription-based platform, which is (oftentimes) erotically themed.

During a conversation on the Night and Day Network, Tokyo Toni was asked to share her opinion on Blac Chyna’s said OnlyFans finances.

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Blac Chyna and her mom Tokyo Toni
Blac Chyna and her mom Tokyo Toni

She expressed that if the Black Hamptons actress had that much coming into her bank account from the service, she shouldn’t have her mother “still hustling on the corner.”

“Let me tell you something, if a b*tch made twenty million dollars a month, on Only-motherf*cking-Fans, and you got your motherf*cking mama still hustling on the corner, b*tch, something’s wrong! Part two, if you made twenty million motherf*cking dollars and you got to turn in Rolls-Royces and sh*t–whoever gives these numbers, I don’t know what they’re into!”

Tokyo Toni went on to say that she feels like Chyna, who has (seemingly) yet to confirm or deny, should speak out and debunk the rumors.

“I wanna tell [Blac Chyna], why don’t you and that motherf*cking lawyer go and say, ‘That’s not true.’ That’s all I could say. I don’t believe it because I got eyes, and I was around, for three and a half months. I would notice if twenty [million] was coming in a f*cking month. It ain’t that much d*ck sucking, f*cking, or talking in the world…”


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