Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Weather News U Can Use: The West Coast Could be Struck by Floods | WATCH

*The heatwave in the Southwest has been ongoing throughout September. The wild weather of 2022 will continue in Southern California on Friday, with the remnants of Hurricane Kay moving into the Southwest. T

The Washington Post reports Hurricane Kay has been moving along the west coast of Mexico towards California, with flooding possible on Friday and Saturday.

The heatwave in the West is subsiding, with isolated showers forecast from Arizona to the High Plains. The cooling trend will spread through the Midwest into the Northeast. Friday’s forecast includes another damp day along the Gulf Coast.

The Southwest and California have been struck by severe weather throughout September. The Weather Channel forecasts the heatwave of the last few days will break by Friday afternoon.

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The drought in the Southwest will lead to flooding problems on Friday afternoon. Hurricane Kay is making its way along the west coast of Mexico towards Southern California.

A band of heavy rain has the potential to produce a deluge causing flooding across the region. Strong winds and heavy rain will move into San Diego, with the afternoon high reaching 89. Heavy rain will move into southern Arizona, with the high temperature in Phoenix climbing to 95.

Thursday’s temperatures climbed above 100 from the Southwest to North Dakota on Thursday. However, the heatwave in the west will break and keep temperatures below 100 across the Southwest.

A high-pressure system will remain over Colorado and New Mexico, with the afternoon highs ranging from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. From Salt Lake City to Seattle, temperatures in the 80s and a cloudless sky are forecast.

A low-pressure system in the Plains will lower the temperatures from the Rockies to the Northern Plains. The afternoon high in Denver will climb to 72 under a cloudless sky. Billings will feel cool at 62 as showers descend from Canada.

The Northern Plains and the Midwest will feel cool, with showers on Friday afternoon. The Northern Plains will feel cool at 61 in Rapid City under a rain-filled sky.

The low-pressure system over the Plains and the Midwest will keep the cool air in Minnesota. Minneapolis will climb to a high of 68 as rain moves along the Northern Border.

To the south of the low-pressure system, the temperatures will remain warm in the Lower Midwest and the Great Lakes. The temperatures will range from 83 in Detroit to 89 in Des Moines. High pressure will sit over the Northeast and keep the afternoon temperatures in the 80s and low-90s.

The Gulf Coast is forecast to see a band of rain and showers move across the region. Texas will enjoy a dry and sunny day, with high temperatures in the low-90s.

Showers and heavy rain will spread from Louisiana to Florida and Georgia. The afternoon highs will climb to the mid-80s in New Orleans and Jackson. The storms in Louisiana and Mississippi will give way to heavy rain close to the Atlantic Coast.
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