Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Former Reality TV Star Tim Norman Blames Corrupt Cops for Murder-For-Hire Arrest

reality TV star
Tim Norman

*Former reality TV star Tim Norman of “Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s” fame reportedly appeared in a St. Louis court this week for the start of his trial in a murder-for-hire plot.

Norman is said to have masterminded the murder plot involving his nephew Andre Montgomery, and the grandson Miss Robbie – Tim’s mother. Robbie and Tim starred together in the OWN series Welcome To Sweetie Pies,” which premiered on OWN in October 2011, and ended in June 2018. The cast included Andre, who was 21 when he was killed in 2016. 

Norman and his Mother reportedly had a huge falling out several years ago (allegedly prior to the killing) and they’ve been estranged ever since. Norman was busted by feds for his role in the 2016 shooting death of Andre after taking out a $450k life insurance policy on his nephew in 2014. The Feds say he worked with a Memphis-based exotic dancer named Terica Ellis to allegedly pull off the murder. 

Authorities say Norman paid Ellis and alleged gunman Travell Anthony Hill, 30, to lure Andre to his death. A crooked insurance broker named Waiel Yaghnam, 44, allegedly helped Norman take out $450,000 worth of life insurance policies on his nephew, River Front Times reports. 

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Norman is reportedly awaiting trial at the St. Genevieve County Jail. Last summer, a journalist researching the murder case shared a response letter from Norman in which he claimed to be the target of corrupt cops and government conspiracy due to his participation in Black Lives Matter protests.

Referring to himself in the letter as the T.V. dude, Norman allegedly wrote, “The Fraternal order has been messing with T.V. dude ever since the Mike Brown stuff…T.V. dude was really out there protesting with a lot of employees. His mom warned him.”

Norman’s attorney Michael Leonard reportedly filed two motions in federal court this week, one of which outlined concerns about the gunman who is expected to testify against Norman. 

The attorney claims Hill is a biased witness and that federal prosecutors withheld information about his “extensive history of serious drug usage, including on the date of the murder that he committed,” according to the motion.

The motion goes on to note that Hill was arrested for drug crimes but “any prosecution for Hill’s violation of Federal narcotics laws has just gone away.”

Federal prosecutors reportedly respodned to the filings and rejected any connection between Hill’s drug use and the murder-for-hire plot.

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