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Tiffany Haddish ‘Relieved’ Child-sex Skit is Out – She’s ‘Tired of Being Extorted’ and ‘Wants to Take Responsibility’

Spears & Haddish beign sued
Aries Spears / Tiffany Haddish / Getty

*What was intended to be a major “shakedown” for Tiffany Haddish turned out to be a great relief for the comedian. However, full details left out about two separate incidents which led to a long-threatened lawsuit have shed a negative light on the renowned comedian and sparked an even larger conversation online.

Last week, a civil lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by siblings identified only as Jane Doe, now 22, and John Doe, who was born in 2007. Jane, who is John’s legal guardian, is the plaintiff in the lawsuit both individually and on her young brother’s behalf.

The suit accuses Aries Spears and Haddish of abusing the plaintiffs sexually when they were both minors and alleges that the comedians coerced them into “filming sexually explicit child pornography skits.”

One of the disgusting and very inappropriate videos titled “Through A Pedophiles Eyes” made its rounds online. To note, Haddish was approached by Spears to take on the 2014 skit when she was an up-and-coming comedian. She was not present when those inappropriate scenes were filmed nor did she get to see the completed project when it was finalized at the time.

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Wait. There’s more …

When she (Haddish) eventually saw the final product, she later asked for the video to be taken down immediately but Spears refused and the skit later showed up on the platform, Funny or Die digital.

Those who came across the unsettling clip can agree that the video was not even close to funny. However, many online users are now also questioning what parents would allow their child to be a part of a project like this?

Tiffany Haddish - Aries Spears
Tiffany Haddish – Aries Spears

The mother of the siblings, (identified by Haddish’s attorney and TMZ as Trizah Morris), was actually longtime friends with Haddish at one point, who actually got paid for the skits.

But things went left after Morris approached the entertainer following her success in “Girls Trip” and started asking for help with her comedic career. When Haddish explained that she was unable to do so at the time, that’s when Morris started hinting at going public with the video.

The mother even started claims that her son was molested while filming, prompting Tiffany to encourage her to file a police report which Morris eventually did. However, there was no wrongdoing found. Despite all of that, in 2020, Morris was actually seen in pictures celebrating Haddish at her 40th birthday party…

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