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Harmony Love Bailey: It’s Okay to be UnLoved! – The Proof is Antoine Wilkinson’s Streetwear | WATCH

Antoine Wilkinson (Harmony Love Bailey)
Antoine Wilkinson shows off one of his Unloved t-shirts / (Harmony Love Bailey)

*Black business owner Antoine Wilkinson from St. Joseph, Missouri created “Unloved Clothing Company” a streetwear clothing brand with a compelling message our world could really use. Inspired by an overpriced thrifted denim jacket, Wilkinson created “Unloved” in the fall of 2020 after receiving a spark of creativity from being able to replicate the jacket and make it his own.

Although the denim jacket holds significance to the creation of the clothing brand, the meaning behind Wilkinson’s favorite and original design cuts much deeper than just being able to fashion good-looking clothes.

Unloved has many inclusive styles and simply relays the message that it’s okay to be Unloved! Wearing these fits is a stylish reminder to never sacrifice who you truly are or your purpose for the conditional love of someone else.

In the video Wilkinson was rocking his “2 Dozen Tee” and I was wearing the “UG Tee” both styles along with other options are available for purchase at With many well-known trendy brands coming from big dog cities like LA and New York, I believe UnLoved is on the rise to representing the Midwest in a dope way.

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1.      Let everyone know a little bit about yourself.

“About me, I am a father, a husband, a son of course. I am from St. Joseph, Missouri a small town that’s like 45 miles North of Kansas City. I am an owner of a streetwear brand called “Unloved Clothing” that I started in November of 2020, and yea that’s me!”

2.      Tell everyone about your clothing line and the inspiration behind it.

“The brand is called “Unloved Clothing Co.” It started in November 2020. The inspiration actually came from like a denim jacket that I saw at a brand somewhere and they were like taxing for the jacket. They wanted like $500 for a jacket and it was at an outlet, so me being me I was like I can make that jacket. It looked like someone literally just wrote on it with a Sharpie, so I went and got a jacket and I went and got some fabric markers and I like stared at this jacket forever and tried to figure out what I wanted to put on it. So, in my mind, I wanted to put something on it that not only did mean something to me, but it looked cool. So, then the word “UnLoved” like it just formed in my head, in my mind it looked good so I was like okay then I sketched it out. It started with the jacket and then my mom was like “UnLoved? I love you!” She was the first person to question “Why UnLoved?” and I just told her it doesn’t mean that I don’t think anybody loves me, it’s just that I’m okay with people who don’t love me. We live in a day and time where everybody wants to fit in and be liked by everybody to the point where they’ll sacrifice who they are as a person to fit in with other people and I don’t support that. I believe in being who you are, be comfortable with who you are regardless of who likes you and who doesn’t like you, be okay with being Unloved by other people, so that’s the message behind the brand and that’s how it started.”

Antoine Wilkinson shows off some of his Unloved items / (Harmony Love Bailey)
Antoine Wilkinson shows off some of his Unloved items / (Harmony Love Bailey)

3.      What design are you most proud of?

“So, the original design is a teddy bear, the logo so, it’s an old dirty looking teddy bear and it has like the heart missing out of it. The meaning behind that teddy bear is there’s somebody or something for everyone out there, you know what I’m saying? When you’re a kid you have that teddy bear or you have that blanket or something that you carry around all the time, and everybody else might be like “Ughh that nasty blanket” or “Ughh that dirty teddy bear throw that thing away”, but to you, that bear or that blanket means the world to you. When people see it they’re like “Omg the teddy bear!” because I think it resonates like I personally had a teddy bear, it was a huge bear. As I got older, it was white, so it got dirty and it looked terrible and I loved that bear and my mom was like ‘Okay we’ve got to get rid of this bear,’ but to me, that bear was like the best thing ever. So, in my mind it’s like you know you create more teddy bears out there you give people more things to love and be proud of and cherish no matter what it means to anybody else, so the original design is my favorite still. When people look at it like it has a story and they can relate to it, everybody knows or has that one thing.”

4.      Where can people get their hands on these fire fits?

“So, I am online. It is, yea right there! The Instagram is just @Unlovedclothingco, the Facebook page is the same and there are links to the website on all of those platforms. I have a TikTok, it’s just @Unloved_Clothing_Co, Im working on that. I’m not the most like consistent TikToker, but I’m working on it. You know, us old folks you know what I’m saying, we gotta get used to it, so I might make a TikTok tonight!”

5.      Anything else you’d like to share?

“Just be comfortable with who you are, you know what I’m saying? Don’t sacrifice who you are or what you believe in to fit in with everybody and be comfortable with that, regardless of the outcome. Do that, and I think you’ll be happier with your life, enjoy! Be Happy!”

Remember It’s Okay to be UnLoved!




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