Thursday, September 29, 2022

Georgina Campbell and Justin Long Faced with Moral Challenges in ‘Barbarian’ | EUR Exclusive

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 22: (L-R) Georgina Campbell and Justin Long at The Landmark Westwood in Los Angeles, California on August 22, 2022. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for 20th Century Studios)

*“Barbarian” is the new 20th Century Studios and New Regency horror-mystery film that follows “Tess,” a young woman traveling to Detroit for a job interview. She books a rental home, but when she arrives late at night, she discovers that the house is double-booked, and a strange man is already staying there. Against her better judgment, she decides to spend the evening but soon discovers that there’s a lot more to fear than just an unexpected houseguest.

Directed by Zach Cregger, “Barbarian” stars Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, Justin Long, Matthew Patrick Davis, Richard Brake, Kurt Braunohler, and Jaymes Butler. EURweb spoke exclusively with Campbell (known for her work in the “Black Mirror” episode “Hang the DJ” and the upcoming “Bird Box” spinoff for Netflix) and Long (“Lady of the Manor,” “Jeepers Creepers”) about some of the moral challenges that their characters face in the film.

Watch the trailer below.

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In the film, Campbell says the smart but trusting Tess “goes through this moral prism”.

“I just love that she’s really intelligent, and she’s really smart. She kind of goes through this moral prism. She goes through this moral challenge, which as a character, AJ, also goes through as well, and she wins. She’s a good person which is lovely to play. You’re rooting for Tess. You want everything to work out for her,” Campbell said.

On the opposite end, we have Long as the character AJ and the actor describes him as “a despicable person”.

“AJ comes along at a point in the story where things have taken a turn for Georgina’s character Tess. As she mentioned, she passed that moral test. AJ fails it in the most spectacular way possible. He is a despicable person who has done awful things. And he has moments where there are glimmers of accountability. And then they all just go out the window. He’s just a real narcissist, which is fun to play.”

Watch my full conversation with Campbell and Long below.

“Barbarian” opens in theatres nationwide on September 9.




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