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The Bible Says ‘Be Fruitful and Multiply’ – But Nick Cannon Needs to Put a LOCK on His Penis!

Editor’s Note: This piece was written back in June, but because Nick is at it again – he just announced today (08/25/22) he’s expecting his TENTH child and 3rd with Brittany Bell – we thought it would make sense to re-post this piece. Enjoy! 🙂

*I won’t lie … give me everything Nick Cannon has – including a massive fortune, international fame, and a hit television show – and I would be in these streets, like him, banging every hot girl I could get my hands on.  It’s a perk of being rich and famous. He’s also good-looking, which helps. So I’m sure women throw themselves at him CONSTANTLY.

No man on earth could resist ALL OF THAT temptation … so I understand why he is becoming notorious for “sticking and moving.” At this point, his body count is probably Wilt Chamberlin-esque – in the high hundreds, maybe even thousands. It’s quite a reputation.  And that’s cool. He’s single and still relatively young, giving him every right to screw anything that moves.

More power to him. HOWEVER, there’s no way I can justify Nick refusing to wrap up his Cannon during his many sexual encounters with random groupies and IG models.

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Nick Cannon & ex-wife Mariah Carey &baby Mamas & kids / Instagram
Nick Cannon & ex-wife Mariah Carey &baby Mamas & kids / Instagram

I mean … seriously, how many bastard children is this nig*a going to create? Once again, I’ll restate, that I don’t have an issue with all the miles he’s logged in bed with these women.

But considering the stigma that’s attached to African American men in regard to fatherhood and producing children out of wedlock, I think it’s time for Cannon’s friends or advisers to sit him down and say, “hey, bro, I know you like to f*ck, but you gotta stop perpetuating stereotypes.”

Being the father to multiple children by multiple women is NOT a badge of honor. It’s a symptom of generational irresponsibility on the part of black men who continue to procreate indiscriminately with girlfriends and side pieces.

These encounters typically DON’T evolve into lasting marriages or functional, healthy co-parenting relationships.

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

I’m sure Cannon is cool with all of his baby mamas – and he’s got plenty. But his actions send the wrong message – that it’s okay to create children with someone, even though the mother and father have no intention of providing a stable, two-parent home for their, in many cases, accidental offspring.

I’m not hating on the guy. In fact, I admire his hustle and contributions to black excellence. But it seems to me that he’s not taking fatherhood seriously, which describes the mentality of many black men today. If Cannon were serious, then he would strive to build a family with one of these women.

Instead, he is erecting a harem of baby mamas. That’s not what REAL MEN do.

Dropping by to see your son or daughter periodically, or agreeing to take them for a week or two at a time isn’t how fatherhood effectively works.

Weekend visits and scheduled trips to Disneyland aren’t enough.

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

Furthermore, if a child grows up in a single-parent home, there’s a strong likelihood that he or she will grow up and repeat the cycle. That’s a natural side effect.

I’m not suggesting that Nick Cannon is a bad person. And it’s not my place to count the notches on his ding-a-ling. He’s a grown man – able to be with whomever he chooses. That’s his right.

But as a man gets older – and Cannon is at least 40 years old – he should become wise and mature enough to make sound decisions, especially when it comes to bringing life into the world. There’s nothing wise about pumping semen into 8 or 9 different women like it’s a hobby or a game.

Many of these pregnancies have come within the last several months.

That’s irresponsible – even for a multi-millionaire with “f*ck it” money. It’s not an attitude that a man should have about children. But even broke niggas go into these streets and knock up a bunch of women they can’t provide for.

This has been a narrative in our community for decades, and it’s also one of the reasons why there are so many backward-thinking young adults and children raising hell all over the country. It’s due to a LACK of effective parenting, and an even greater lack of positive male energy surrounding them.

Nick Cannon is becoming a giant in black culture. He’s a “somebody” … a man of influence. However, I’m afraid his legacy will include him being a baby-maker, just as much as he is a mover and shaker.

He needs to do better. In fact, black men, in general, need to do better. Our children deserve it.

Cory A. Haywood
Cory A. Haywood

Southern California-based Cory A. Haywood, is a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: and/or visit his blog: or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood




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