Thursday, September 29, 2022

Video of a Man Kicking Woman Out Of Hotel Room – Because She Refuses Intimacy with Him – Goes Viral | WATCH

Hookup Gone Wrong
Long-distance Hookup Gone Wrong

*A video of a furious man kicking a thankless woman out of his hotel room continues to go viral. The man claims he spent $5,000 to fly the woman out in the hope of having sex with her, only for the woman to refuse his advances when they were in the hotel room.

Apart from the woman’s airline ticket, the man also says he paid for her Uber and the hotel’s accommodation fee.

What the man finds outrageous is that he had been in communication with the woman on Instagram for three months before they got to the point of agreeing to meet.

What is not coming out clear here is if the man explicitly explained to the woman he expected to have sex with her prior to booking her tickets and spending heavily on her.

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Sorry dude. Those days when a man would buy a meal and then offer $20 in return for consensual sex are long gone.

Social media has taught women to ask for more from any man wishing to have a good time with them.

The women see flashy things on Instagram, trendy watches, clothes, necklaces, bangles, classy shoes, cars, homes, etc. They want to live that life. If you cannot deliver some of these, you can take away your $20 and ask her to leave the room.

Before you get to the point of booking a hotel room, find a way to ask her about her expectations and to tell her about yours without being ambiguous.

Make sure she fully understands why you are meeting. In other words, even though it doesn’t guarantee anything, make sure you’re both on the SAME page!

Furthermore, note that a woman has the right to say no at any given time. Always remember you may not get what you want even after spending heavily, so only spend what you can afford to risk losing without going nuts if things fail.




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