Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ms. Pat and ‘The Ms. Pat Show’ Creator Talk Laughing Through Pain in S2 | WATCH EUR Exclusive

*Season 2 of the Emmy-nominated series “The Ms. Pat Show” returned to BET+ on August 11. The series stars comedian Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams and is loosely based on her incredible life story as a teen mom and former convicted felon from inner city Atlanta turned married suburban Indiana mom.

This “grown folks comedy” is unfiltered and raw. Season one featured unique takes on topics including non-binary pronouns, school shootings, drug addiction, racism, and child abuse.

In season two, the Carson Family is moving from a period of adjusting to a white suburban neighborhood into a season of growth in these new surroundings. EURweb talked exclusively with Williams and series showrunner Jordan E. Cooper about the themes they wanted to explore in season two.

Williams said one of the topics she knew she wanted to cover was something that was initially on the list for season one; the topic of Black hair.

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Cooper said he wanted to include the subject of abortion. He explained, “That was super important to us moving in. Even before the whole Roe v Wade of it all.”

Cooper also wanted to do a homage episode to the classic series “I Love Lucy.”

But most importantly: “The stuff with her childhood and her relationship with her mom. I just wanted to use season two to really get a chance to show how Pat works and why she thinks the way she does. Why she acts the way she does, and really get deeper into that relationship and how it affected both of these women, Pat and Denise – portrayed by Tami Roman – in their adult lives.”

Although the series is based on Smith’s life, one that she’s very open about, she admits that there were elements of her story that she was hesitant to include. For example, an episode in season two deals with the subject of molestation and involves her mom’s boyfriend.

Williams said: “Jordan wanted to do it in season one. It was approved, and we were ready to go with it. But I told him that is a story I haven’t told out loud. So I don’t want to take it in the first season.”

Williams (Ms. Pat) told Cooper that if the series was picked up for a second season, we could do it. She said, “Maybe the healing would be a little bit more. Because he was, he was going for the gusto in the first season. It was so much crying. And I was like, I’m tired of crying. So, we took it off the plate and put it back on there for the second season. So that was one episode that rocked me.”

All episodes of season two of “The Ms. Pat Show” are available exclusively on BET+.




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