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Patti LaBelle to Collaborate with Jazmine Sullivan on New Music | Video

Patti LaBelle - Jasmine Sullivan
Patti LaBelle – Jasmine Sullivan / Getty

*Patti LaBelle revealed on a recent episode of the “Drink Champs” podcast that she is recording music with Jazmine Sullivan.

As we reported previously, the 78-year-old told explained how she previously assumed that Sullivan, 35, hated her.

“I thought Jazmine Sullivan hated me,” LaBelle told co-hosts NORE and DJ EFN. “Let me say something. Last week, she made my heart pound, hard. She called me. The same gentleman, Marquese, who made this outfit and the outfit I wore for Essence a couple weeks ago, he’s good friends with Jazmine. So he said: ‘Jazmine and I always used to talk about ‘who’s coming to Patti LaBelle’s party first? You or me?'”

Patti continued: “So she’s always had this love for me but whenever I would see her, she’s shy and I would give her all these props and stuff and I’d say ‘baby girl don’t like me.’ My feelings were hurt until last week.”

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The soulful legend added: “When we talked on the phone she said ‘Patti LaBelle you’re my everything.’ She said ‘I love you so much I get shy when I’m around you.’ So you see how things are misunderstood in this business so ugly business and sometimes people wanna make us hate each other and say ‘oh, she doesn’t like her.’”

Patti then revealed: “Well, Jazmine and I are recording soon. You know, after 15 years I haven’t recorded. So I’m doing stuff with her and a bunch of other sweeties and I just wanted to clarify that for me, because I was holding this thing that she didn’t like me, she loves Patti LaBelle.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, LaBelle joked about smoking reefer, reflected on her iconic career, and dished about her long-rumored feud with Aretha Franklin. She also spilled some tea on the late Luther Vandross. At the end of the conversation, Patti said she was able to “cleanse herself” during the interview.

“I cleansed myself today on this show. I said a lot of things I shouldn’t have, but I don’t care,” said LaBelle.

Watch the full interview via the YouTube clip above.

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