Thursday, October 6, 2022

Issa Rae’s Sweet Life: Los Angeles is Back For Season 2! | EUR Video Exclusive

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*From her first project “Awkard Black Girl,” to Insecure, “Rap Sh!t” and the “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” Issa Rae doesn’t miss. Her unscripted series Sweet life: Los Angeles is back for season two! The show features a friend group of young black entrepreneurs trying to navigate life in Los Angeles.  

Briana Jones, Tylynn Burns, Jerrod Smith, and Cheryl Des Vignes along with a few newcomers are letting reality tv cameras back in their lives. It’s not easy trying to build your future and figure out life as you go but it’s even harder when doing it in front of millions of people.  

I attended the premier of the second season of Sweet Life: Los Angeles and spoke with the cast about life after the first season and how they prepared for season two. “Contrary to popular belief. TV is great, the platform is great, but we’re still the underdogs in the industry,” said Tylynn Burns.

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Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Season two picks up with the cast continuing to balance work, relationships, and friendships. 

You’ll also see a few familiar faces from last season that the audience didn’t get a chance to know that well. Such as Candiss Hart who was a friend last season. She appeared in about two episodes and all viewers saw was the “turn-up girl”. “This season you start to get to know me a little bit more. In regards to who I am outside of being the most lit person in Cabo,” said Hart. For most of this cast, the second season is a second chance for them to show who they really are. “Season one was scary. Season two I kind of went into it knowing what to expect, and I think I really brought my true authentic self, said Amanda Scott.  

The cast is letting their hair down this season and being more of themselves. To me, this means they won’t be holding anything back!  

Tune into Sweet Life: Los Angeles streaming now on HBO Max!  




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