Sunday, August 14, 2022

Kenya Moore Clarifies Her Comments on Fellow RHOA Cast Member Marlo Hampton’s Home Invasion | WATCH

Kenya Moore - Marlo Hampton - Instagram
Kenya Moore – Marlo Hampton – Instagram

*Recently, four alleged gang members were arrested concerning at least 15 home invasions targeting mainly celebrities. One of the victims was “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Marlo Hampton whose residence was broken into on Friday, July 1.

Marlo, 46, was in her house when the incident occurred, and she later narrated that it was a scary situation as she watched the armed masked men kick her door down on her security system.

“When I heard the boom, when I heard my nephew scream, and I knew that scream was a scream of fear, my heart dropped. …” said Marlo during an interview with WSB-TV. “I just thank God and we’re covered in the blood of Jesus and I’m here to share this story with you. But my main concern is, I want all the ladies, I want everyone to be aware if you are posting, if you do have luxury items, be careful.”

But shortly after Marlo’s home invasion was reported, her fellow RHOA cast member, Kenya Moore, came out blazing to register her displeasure. Apparently, Marlo had revealed to the media more than she was willing to reveal to her fellow RHOA cast members. Moore, 51, felt Marlo withheld crucial information that could “possibly help keep” the ‘RHOA’ cast safe from potential home invasions of that nature.

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Taking to Twitter to address Marlo’s break-in incident, Moore first pointed out she was happy no one was hurt. Then she got to her main point: “…but she [Marlo] took the time to withhold information from the cast that could possibly help keep us safe, but was happy to release details in interviews. #rhoa #fake.”

Now that the dust has somehow settled, Kenya Moore is again out to set the record straight by clarifying exactly what she meant.

In an interview with, Moore explained that soon after the incident, Hampton messaged the RHOA ladies to let them know about it. But when it was time to have a phone call and give more details about the incident, Marlo somewhat chose what to say and what not, preferring to keep much of the details to herself. However, the same apprehensive Marlo later opened up to the local news station to reveal everything.

Says infuriated Moore: “So she [Marlo] had sent in a text message to all of us that it happened so then I asked in that same thread, asked everyone to get on a conference call. Schedule a conference call so that we all can talk about what happened or share our experiences on how to keep one another safe. I had a security expert that I had scheduled for the call.”

Moore also revealed that other cast members had also experienced home break-ins.

“It seemed as though Kandi had an issue with a potential break-in hen Marlo and then Drew like a few weeks after that so it seemed like it was you know us being targeted if you will. So that was my thing about us being safe.”

Moore adds, “So if you have some additional information that you can share, you should share it because this is a group that whether we like it or not, we’re all on television and we are the ‘Housewives’….Initially, she said she couldn’t share and then somehow she shared it with the world before she shared it with us. So that’s what I was speaking to.”




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