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Terrell Owens Harassed by Racist ‘Karen’ Caught on Camera | Watch

Terrell Owens
Terrell Owens / Getty

*NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens livestreamed his encounter with a white woman neighbor who became unhinged when she saw a Black man driving in the Broward County, Florida neighborhood where they both live.

As reported by the New York Post, the woman accused him of nearly hitting her with his car, and after calling the police on him, she then claimed to an officer that Owens aggressively approached her.

“You don’t yell at me and tell me I almost hit you and I didn’t,” Owens is heard saying to the police officer. The woman replies “But, you didn’t have to get out of your f***ing car!” To which Owens responds, “You didn’t have to talk to me that way, either! Karen!”

“You’re a Black man approaching a white woman,” she says, BET reports. 

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She then weaponized her white privilege in front of the officer by hysterically bursting into tears while claiming, “He literally came after me!”

Owens says into the camera, “I’ve seen it, but I’ve never been a part of this. This is real life, now she crying… Her husband tried to tell her to go into the house but she wanted to do the whole Karen thing.”

According to TMZ, no arrests were made. Police said, “The parties were separated and the situation resolved.”

Watch the full moment via the YouTube clip above.

One Facebook user commented under the Indisputable’s report of Owen’s video: “If she is so scared why is she out there in the first place trying to tell people what to do, the audacity of some people’s intellect to have the nerve to start playing the victim card when things does not go there way. This is a dangerous situation because too often when there is not a camera to document the incident bad things tend to happen to black or brown colored people, law enforcement at times tend to side with the white person on scene even before conducting an investigation.”

Another user said of the white woman in the clip, “I no longer need to call them Karen. I now call them Carolyn Bryant Donham (Emmett Till’s killer).”

On Twitter, one user wrote, “You’re a black man approaching a white woman?? Bruh this woman has that klan blood in her.”

When another user commented, “I still don’t understand why she is crying,” one person replied, “Because her story couldn’t convince anyone that she was a victim, so crying makes her look the part.”

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