Friday, August 12, 2022

Jason Whitlock Says Beyonce Symbolizes ‘Catastrophic Descent of Black Culture’

Beyonce and Whitlock
Beyonce and Jason Whitlock

*Sports journalist Jason Whitlock has roasted Beyonce for symbolizing “the catastrophic descent of black culture.”

In a review of her new album “Renaissance,” Whitlock noted on a recent episode of his podcast that the singer “symbolizes the catastrophic descent of black culture and America’s indifference to its fall.”

“Expectations have fallen so low for American black people that no one expects Beyonce to mature or make music that uplifts black folks,” he said. 

In his write-up on The Blaze, Whitlock said “Renaissance,” her seventh studio album, is explicitly crude and profane. A New York Times reviewer described the 40-year-old singer’s 16-song collection as “steeped in black queer bravado.” Wesley Morris, the Pulitzer-winning reviewer, never defined black queer bravado. The reader is left to assume that queer bravado is as endemic to black people as full lips, wide noses, nappy hair, and obscene music.”

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He went on to say that “Beyoncé, the so-called heir to Aretha Franklin’s title as the “Queen of Soul,” has more in common with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion” than R&B icon Franklin, “who demanded “Respect,” ” Whitlock wrote. 

He also addressed Beyonce’s decision to remove the word “spazz” from her song “Energy” because people with cerebral palsy consider it an offensive slur. 

“What I find fascinating about all of this is that people with cerebral palsy care more about policing the way they’re portrayed in the entertainment and media world than black people do,” Whitlock said.

“We’re the only group with absolutely no standards. The entire rap music industry is built on the N-word… No one cares. Beyonce uses the N-word in “Heated.” No one cares,” he added.

“Every minority group aggressively polices how they’re characterized in music, television, and movies except black people.”

He continued: “Beyonce has black queer bravado. She instantly bowed to disability rights advocates while promoting degeneracy for black people. She doesn’t really care about us.”

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Ny MaGee
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