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Wiz Khalifa Threatens DJs for Not Playing His New Music | Watch

rapper Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa

*Wiz Khalifa erupted on two DJs during a recent concert in Los Angeles because they weren’t playing tracks from his album “Multiverse” which dropped last week.

The incident took place at the Poppy Night Club, according to a tweet posted by No Jumper. DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron, who were also on the bill, were threatened by Khalifa for not playing his new music, Hip Hop DX reports.

“Bitch ass n-gga, if you wanna fight, n-gga we can do it,” says the rapper in a viral clip. “Y’all n-ggs suck, don’t hug me bitch. Y’all n-ggas suck. Play my new shit n-gga, play it n-gga, play ‘Bad Ass Bitches.’ Y’all are horrible DJs. I came here tonight to promote for y’all and have a good ass time and have a great time, but you know what I’m not gonna do?

“I’m not gonna sit here and let these hoe ass n-ggas act like this shit is acceptable. I’m a real ass n-ggas dawg. My album just came out today. My album just came out today, play my new shit dawg.”

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A post shared by Rob Swift (@brolicarm)

As reported by Hip Hop DX, veteran DJ Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners took to Instagram on Sunday night (July 31) to call out Wiz over his false sense of entitlement.

“The arrogance from @wizkhalifa towards the house DJs in this video encapsulates the puffed up sense of importance from a lot of you rappers,” he wrote. “I don’t know what it is about holding a microphone to your mouth that gives rappers like @wizkhalifa a sense of grandiosity but let me be the first one to say, I’ve sat behind the scenes with many of y’all and I see right through the act. Most of y’all are insecure, can’t fight and none of y’all are killers, that’s for sure!

“With the recent awareness surrounding Mental Health, I’d be interested in reading a study comparing the level of mental illness among rappers like @wizkhalifa versus their DJ counterparts. I’d bet my savings account rappers like @wizkhalifa would win that battle!

He concluded: “Rappers like @wizkhalifa have this false sense of entitlement. They require more admiration from fans than these IG models. It’s insane!”

Swift later hit up Twitter to note that: “Rappers like @wizkhalifa actually expect DJs to recognize them as superior which is crazy to me cause DJs started this whole entire culture. So actually, DJs are superior to rappers!”

Oakland-based DJ Platurn also tweeted the following message to Wiz Khalifa, writing “Wiz Khalifa sucks as a rapper and clearly he’s an even shittier person…this situation is clear insight into what DJing has turned into in modern times…anyone that doesn’t protect their talent when they’re being accosted is a bullshit fuckin’ venue…those DJs should have left.”

Do you think was out-of-pocket with the DJs? Sound off in the comments.

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