Thursday, October 6, 2022

Miami Mom of 3 Allegedly Shot Dead by Woman After an Argument in An Uber | VIDEO

*Sadly, a mother of three Gladys Yvette Borcela, 28, has been fatally shot after engaging in a verbal disagreement while in an Uber. The disturbing incident occurred on Saturday in Miami.

The 24-year-old shooter, Natalia Harrell, was at a “nightspot” with her friends when a male friend asked if they knew of any other women who could join them, according to Local 10. Harrell’s female friends then showed her Borcela’s social media and went on to invite her to the gathering in South Beach.

Reports noted that Harrell grew frustrated when Borcela appeared to “drink and dance” excessively. Harrell then informed someone from her friend group to “get [her] under control].”

Close to 2:15 a.m. on Saturday, Borcela, Harrell, and five other individuals got into an Uber when Harrell engaged in a verbal dispute with Borcela.

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Gladys Yvette Borcela (GoFundMe)
Gladys Yvette Borcela (GoFundMe)

Harrell reportedly told the mother of three, “You don’t want this; you don’t want me to go in my purse.” The suspect then transitioned into the front seat of the 2020 Cadillac Escalade before reportedly pulling out a firearm and shooting the 28-year-old once.

Reports added that the chaos was filmed inside the vehicle, which showcased the driver stopping the Escalade before everyone fled except Borcela.

The woman was transported to the hospital where she was declared dead. Harrell has been charged with second-degree murder.


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Wait. There’s more … via People.

GoFundMe campaign organized by the victim’s mother described Borcela as a mom of three who will be remembered as the “life of the party.”

“She always held her hand out for anyone that needed her, even when she had battles of her own,” the fundraiser’s description reads. “She put her 3 beautiful children first and now they have to grow up and only hear of memories of their beautiful mother. I don’t even know how to tell my grand baby’s someone took their mother away from us.”

Natalia Harrell - Gladys Yvette Borcela
Natalia Harrell, 24, (Police mugshot left,) was charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing Gladys Yvette Borcela, right. (Image: Instagram)

Jail records indicate Harrell has been charged with second-degree murder. She is currently being held without bond.




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