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Kendrick Lamar Reacts to Viral Video of Security Guard Crying at His Show | Watch

Kendrick Lamar
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*Kendrick Lamar responded to a viral video showing a weeping security guard during the rapper’s performance at the Toyota Center in Houston last week.

Lamar told 12-year-old Jazzy of Jazzy’s WorldTV that the moment is “how you want everybody to receive your music”

“It’s really just about the feeling of it. At the end of the day, past all the politics, past all the numbers, it’s what music makes you feel, how it makes you feel,” Lamar told Jazzy. “So to see that, and shoutout to him by the way, cause I see him, bro. I was like, ‘Man, I wonder what he’s going through.'”

Lamar continued: “But at the end of the day, that’s how you want everybody to receive your music and, you know, make them feel good, make them feel like a moment they’re attached to, it could live forever.”

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As reported by PEOPLE, in the clip, a visibly emotional security guard identified as Devyn Sanford wipes away tears as he raps along to Lamar’s “Love” at the concert. The moment went viral after TikTok user @dejaihvu shared it on the platform. 

Sanford explained in the comments section of the video that that track “means EVERYTHING to me,” he wrote. 

“That’s me in the post y’all… this song means EVERYTHING to me and I was feeling everybody around me emotions… definitely love getting paid to do this,” he wrote.

“I had no idea that the moment had been captured until after the concert, and then I woke up the next day and it was everywhere, so I’m still kind of like, taking it all in right now,” Sanford told local outlet KRIV 

“The song is called ‘Love’ [and] it brought me back to 2017 when the song first came out. I was kind of going through a tumultuous time in my life at that point,” he continued. “The words, the crowd around me — everyone was screaming and reaching for Kendrick and crying. I kind of just absorbed everybody’s emotions, and I was trying my best to hold it together, but I just kind of cracked.”

Lamar’s team reached out to Sanford and offered him a chance to speak with the hip-hop star.

“I would [tell him] that I appreciate you for your music Kendrick, and it has gotten me through some really difficult times,” he said. “I appreciate the energy and effort that you put into your artistry to make sure that you can connect with people. And that moment showed that your music can definitely bring people together.”

He added: “I love my job! Absolutely.”

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