Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Weather Channel Apologies for Racial Slur During Broadcast

N-word broadcast

*The Weather Channel has apologized after an Iowa weather station aired an offensive racial slur during one of its forecast graphics last Thursday. 

“Hello Des Moines, This is your weather my N******,” read a graphic displayed on the Des Moines-based Weather Channel’s “Local on the 8s” segment.

The incident went viral after it was flagged Friday in a tweet by journalist Matthew Keys.

As reported by The Independent, the Weather Channel said in a statement that the presentation “did not originate with us, and we are in the process of investigating it further,” a spokesperson told Keys, per a tweet.

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As reported by the New York Post, many social media users had plenty of theories about the meteorological misprint. “This came from the cable provider,” speculated one local news expert. “TWC has computer units at cable headends to produce the local on the 8s, and a rogue cable employee must’ve messed with the files and caused it to say that.”

One Twitter user added, “This was no accident and no huge investigation is needed… this is so easy to track down. Starting with the Director and Technical Director; they need to be fired immediately and charged with a hate crime.”

Another commented, “Accident yeh right. This is called Anti Black Hate.”

TWC apologized for the incident on Facebook.

“A graphic during the Weather Channel cable network’s ‘Local on the 8s’ presentation in Des Moines last evening included a racial slur,” the post read, per the Times.  “We removed this graphic as soon as we learned of it. This did not originate with us, and we are in the process of investigating it further. We apologize to our viewers.”

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