Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wendy Williams Brother (Tommy) Claims She Barred Her Son from Visiting Her on Birthday

Wendy Williams
Kevin Hunter Jr. – Wendy Williams

*Tommy Williams, the outspoken brother of Wendy Williams, has called her “heartless” because she allegedly refused to allow her son Kevin Hunter Jr. to enter her house on her birthday. 

Tommy ranted about her sister’s wild antics in a new video posted to his YouTube channel. In the clip, he explains how Kevin Jr. flew from Florida to New York to surprise his mother on her 58th birthday on July 18 but was barred from entering her $4.5M NYC penthouse. 

Tommy said, “My nephew is trying to get in there now to see his mother. He was with me yesterday; we talked about the trip. We smiled and laughed. First thing this morning-—the first flight taken out. Going up there & excited. I was excited for him. He landed safely, reached out, great. And now the moment of truth – as beckons to see his mother at the pearly gates – to see Wendy. She is not our celebrity. She’s not the family celebrity. She’s a member, and she has her son out there like he’s the paparazzi.”

He also touched on Wendy’s interview with Page-Six in which she admitted to wanting “to f**k,” saying “if I don’t do anything else, including podcast, I would love to fall in love. I want to f–k.”

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“She talks about how much she wants to bang, how much she wants somebody to bang her out. She’s got a son, a 91-year-old father, a mother looking down at her from the heavens,” Tommy said in the video.  

Meanwhile, Wendy insiders have clapped back at Tommy’s claim that her son was not allowed to partake in her birthday festivities. 

“Wendy privately enjoyed her birthday with her friends and family, including a surprise visit from her son. The celebrations included him,” the source said, per Meaww.

Tommy Williams - Wendy Willams (Getty)
Tommy Williams – Wendy Willams (Getty)

Tommy previously said in a separate YouTube clip that his sister is no longer the woman we all have come to know and love over the years. 

“I’m very supportive of wendy so I tried to keep things under wrapped in terms of her health. She is fighting, she is struggling. She is working her way back to being Wendy. No she is not the Wendy we all knew and it’s very sad. Very heart wrenching, very disappointing, and it’s very frustrating,” said Tommy in a video shared on his YouTube channel, The Jasmine Brand reports. 

Tommy claims Wendy refuses help from her family and she allegedly remains in denial of the severity of her current medical condition. He also noted that his sister needs to stop doing interviews amid her ongoing health crisis.

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