Saturday, August 13, 2022

Crazy Court Case! Woman Sues ‘Bad Date’ for $10k Then Goes Off on Judge | WATCH

*QaShontae Short recently shocked the country after suing Richard Jordan for intentionally causing her emotional distress.

The two had supposedly gone on a date that turned out less-than-perfect, according to the woman. She eventually took it to the court, where Judge Herman Marable Jr. found her a little too hot to handle.

According to the legal documents accessed by TMZ, the woman first filed a lawsuit in 2020, against Jordan. She allegedly claimed that the latter had deliberately hurt her by not showing up, leaving on her mother’s birthday, who (her mother) had just passed away.

In a recent court hearing, following the case, the accused (Jordan) did minimal talking, during which he claimed the plaintiff (Short) was wasting the precious court’s time by suing him for $10k due to a bad date.

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QaShontae Short
QaShontae Short / Faceb ook

The hearing, via Zoom, quickly turned dramatic as an argument erupted between the complainant and the judge (Marable). The judge eventually ripped his face shield off, in an attempt to raise his voice at Short, who continued to shout over the judge, not caring about the consequences.

To most people, the plaintiff was similar to someone conducting their usual business at the airport, intending to attract everyone’s attention.

According to the judge, claims such as QaShontae Short’s should be handled by the circuit court. For that reason, he ordered that the case be moved to the latter, a decision that pushed the plaintiff into an uncontrollable state – not listening to any explanation.

Bottom Line: With the recent decision by Flint, Michigan Judge Herman Marable Jr., it looks like Ms Short will be getting another date soon, with a different judge this time. Let’s hope for her sake that it doesn’t turn out substandard as it was with Richard Jordan and Judge Herman Marable Jr.




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