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Greg Mathis and Wife Linda Talk New Reality Series, Supporting LGBT Community | Watch EUR Exclusive

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Mathis Family Matters

*We caught up with Judge Greg Mathis and his wife Linda Mathis to dish about their new reality series Mathis Family Matters,” which follows the couple as two of their adult children move back to Los Angeles to all find their way and join the rest of the family. 

Per press release, Judge Mathis has had great success helping others, but when it comes to his family, his opinions and being an “expert on everything” sometimes falls flat as he helps to guide his children through adulthood. Linda, the matriarch of the family, has a fabulous quick wit personality and since this is the first time the family has been under one roof in long time, it’s her mission to keep everyone together through the ups and downs.

Mathis previously said that he encouraged his gay son Greg Jr. to come out on the show. 

Speaking to E! News about Greg Jr. hiding his sexuality, Mathis explained, “Greg and I had an [onscreen] discussion about him not sharing his sexuality or being gay with the general public, his friends and others.”

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“I thought he had because he shared it with us at age 18 and moved to Washington, D.C. and has been there for over a decade and that’s a gay-friendly town,” Judge Mathis continued. “So I was shocked that he hadn’t, and there are moments there that are very emotional in the sense that I let him know that he has to fight.”

Greg Jr. told E! News that discussing his sexuality on national television was “one of the most vulnerable things I’ve ever had to do.” 

Per the report, “Mathis Family Matters” will unpack “the mental anguish and struggle a lot of LGBTQ+ individuals go through during that process,” Greg Jr. added, “and the fears that you have and the reactions from some of your family and friends.”

Mathis spoke further about his son’s coming out journey in our exclusive conversation with him and his wife. Check out what he had to say about supporting the LGBT community and pushing back against the narrative that Black folks tend to be homophobic.

Watch the clip below and tune in to “Mathis Family Matters” Sundays on E!

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