Saturday, August 13, 2022

Brandon Perea Talks Working on His First Horror Film with ‘NOPE’ | Watch EUR Exclusive

*Jordan Peele’s new science fiction horror comedy film “Nope” takes viewers on a journey as brother and sister OJ and Emerald played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer explore a spectacle in the sky and try to get to the bottom of it. 

The film also stars Brandon Perea and Steven Yeun as Angel and Ricky “Jupe”.

In the film, Angel (Perea) lets his curiosity get in the way and latches himself onto OJ and Emerald’s project.

“[OJ and Emerald] come to Angel’s playground, his home, and he kind of feels like they’re intruding on his space,” Perea said. “He kind of feels like he’s the smartest lad there. He runs into these two characters and starts to figure out that they’re up to something that he might want to be a part of. So he does anything he can to be a part of it.”

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Keke Palmer in Nope (2022)
Keke Palmer in Nope (2022)

“Nope” serves as Perea’s breakthrough project and his first official horror film.

“This is my first, boom, banger one [horror film],” Perea said. “It’s fun to feel the fear and to see how it gets done too. I didn’t really do horror films before so just watching them I was always curious, like what’s the vibe like on set. Then you see how they craft it. That’s just the great inside look of how they create the scary parts. To be one of the actors having to play that, they craft such that space where you actually have fear. So it was cool to be a part of that.”

Perea also hinted at the possibility of there being a potential “Nope” sequel in the future.

“I see myself doing more horror, please that’d be great,” Perea said. “I hope we do another one of these things with Jordan.”

Watch our full interview with Perea via the clip above. 

“Nope” opens in theaters nationwide on July 22. 




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