Saturday, August 13, 2022

‘Nope’ Star Steven Yeun Talks Jordan Peele Collaboration | Watch EUR Exclusive

*With the upcoming release of Jordan Peele’s latest film “Nope,” the entire cast has been making their rounds dishing on the latest and greatest about the film.

“Nope” stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea

Yeun play’s Ricky “Jupe” who, due to his backstory revolving around his childhood, becomes greedy and attempts to exploit the spectacle in the sky for exploitation and all the wrong reasons. 

“Ricky Jupe is a former child star who now owns this amusement park that is loosely based off of kind of loosely, the franchise that kind of blew him up,” Yeun said in an exclusive interview with EUR. “He’s an adult now, with current dreams and ambitions and we get a little insight and look into what kind of constructed him to.”

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Yeun noted that although the character Ricky “Jupe” wasn’t originally written with him in mind, Peel opened the door for collaboration when he joined the project. 

“When this script was first written, it wasn’t written specifically for me,” Yeun shared. “Especially as an Asian American actor. When Jordan asked me to be a part of it, we talked about that. We talked about the details of how this person would be constructed. I think the first iteration of ‘Kid Sheriff’, Jupe was supposed to be the lead of that movie. Through discussion we kind of found that maybe he wasn’t the lead, he was kind of the second-hand. What does that do to your desire when something like that shifts? We just talked the hell out of it. Jordan really opened the door for collaboration.”

As seen with previous films “Get Out” and “Us”, Peele’s theatrical releases always make you think and make you leave the theater wanting to re-watch the film to notice something different the next time and the time after that. Yeun thinks this is because Peele not only understands audiences but also recognizes the state of the world during the time of each project. 

“I think Jordan has this wonderful talent of holding a mirror up to the audience, to our own world,” Yeun said. “I think there’s going to be a lot of ways in which people are going to try to digest this movie. I think none of them are going to be wrong and none of them are going to be absolutely right. I think it’s kind of this look at what we’re all living through right now.”

Watch our full conversation with Yeun via the player above.

“Nope” opens in theaters nationwide on July 22. 




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