Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Emergence of Fresh Details about Jam Master Jay’s Alleged Murderers | VIDEO

*Jam Master Jay, the legendary DJ, and producer, was shot to death in 2002 by Karl Jordan Jr., who has since been implicated with homicide (2010), drug dealing, and many other crimes. The latter was a Queens native and rapper popular with his stage name Young Yadi. The latest revelation shows that Young Yadi had a dispute with his long-term friend involving an interstate crack cocaine trafficking ring.

According to the prosecutors, Ronald “Tinard” Washington, the co-defendant, was angry at Jay for cutting him (Washington) out of a 10 kg cocaine deal, eventually planning his murder. After the incident, he provided cover as Jordan took the fatal shot.

Jordan was a rapper under a group known as Rich Fly Gee$ which shot music videos in front of Jam Master Jay’s tribute mural. Jordan also posed for pictures in front of the mural and further made a street sign named after Jay in one of his music videos.

He pleaded innocent with his attorney claiming that he had an alibi for Jay’s shooting. One of the YouTube posts by the group denies Jordan’s involvement in the shootout, saying it wasn’t reasonable for him to murder Jay over a dispute that didn’t directly involve him – someone he loved, honored, and looked up to.

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Washington and Jordan have been in federal custody for murder indictment since 2020. Recently, attorneys on both sides released new information involving their (defendants’) background, tying them to other alleged crimes. Washington, for instance, has been proven to be a suspect in the 1995 killing of Randy “Stretch” Walker, 2Pac’s former friend, which remains unsolved.

The prosecutors have disclosed that in September 2020, a month after the indictment, they entered a proffer agreement with someone who claimed to have known Jordan since childhood. The confidential informant implicated Jordan as a drug dealer since his teenage hood – selling narcotics from 14 through 2017, on Long Island, and making up to $10,000 monthly.

The undercover investigations proved the truth after findings showed that Jordan was selling drugs even in 2020.

Two witnesses also link Jordan to the killing of a drug dealer in Queens in 2010, who was said to be his rival. The authorities further pored through Jordan’s rapping videos, where they paid attention to lyrics such as, “I aim for the head, I ain’t a body shooter” and drug trafficking references. According to the prosecutors, they also found numerous photographs and videos of him holding stacks of hundred-dollar bills and other denominations of money.




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