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When Ray J Revealed His New Name on ‘The Talk’ They Laughed At Him | WATCH

Ray J on The Talk - CBS
Ray J on The Talk – CBS

*Ray J recently made the headlines with his disappointing guest appearance and performance on “Verzuz.” He is back at it again with a different story this time – he plans to change his name. He was recently a guest host on the daytime talk show “The Talk” where he disclosed unbelievable news to the public.

He said that his real name is Willie Ray Norwood, Jr. while explaining why he is popularly known as Ray Jr. However, according to him, Willie is his dad, while he is Ray J, a name he plans to change soon. His co-hosts found the news unbelievable, and as they struggle to ascertain some seriousness from the claims, the actor/singer further explained his intentions to shake off much more beyond some annoying old habits.

He plans to go for a new name at the  top of the year as a way of evolving. He has lived his whole life as Ray J and feels like it is time to evolve. He plans to take TRON as his new name, which left everyone interested in the reason for his choice.

He had a simple but comical response to everyone who asked him why TRON and not any other. He said that he is currently in a digital mindset, in the computer, and like a new Matrix. He further said that he didn’t want to go too deep explaining himself. Watch below via the Instagram embed.

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Wait. There’s more …

Ray J’s fans were just getting over the antics displayed during Verzuz (June 23) before he instantly came up with a new way to remain in the headlines – garnering plentiful fan reactions. The reactions vary from one fan to another with others saying he is funny while others say they can’t oblige to his antics by calling him Tron – his new name. Others think the singer is trying to catch everyone’s attention and stay relevant in the industry.

Despite all his antics, Ray J doesn’t joke around with Brandy, his sister. The siblings are close-knit and always proven to have each other’s back in every situation – good or bad. The singer, in the urge to show his devotion to his sibling and best friend took to social media where he revealed a tattoo that also left his fans laughing to date.


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