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Trick Daddy ‘Allows’ His Estranged Wife to Date Other Men | WATCH

Trick Daddy
Trick Daddy and Joy Young- Getty

*Rapper Trick Daddy recently revealed that he “allows” his estranged wife Joy Young to date other men. 

Speaking to The Breakfast Club, Trick told the hosts that he refers to his wife’s lovers as his “boyfriends-in-law.” 

“The only way I’ll ever get divorced [is] if my girl want me to marry her,” Trick said, as reported by MadameNoire

“In my mind, I’m like a Duke point guard… one and done. That’s it,” he added about his one-marriage stance. 

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Trick went on to deny rumors that his wife wants a divorce. 

“That’s what she says, but she uses my name. If she want a divorce she need to stop using my name,” Trick said. 

“Then, she going around messing with all these dudes trying to find me. I’m right here. They’ll never be me,” he continued.

“She going to hell with me,” Trick said about both he and Young having extramarital affairs. “[Because] that’s adultery.”

“I allow her to date,” he explained. “But now, I need to start evaluating these dudes who [she] mess with ’cause these are my boyfriends and husbands-in-law — and we need to get along. [And they] need to take care of my wife. They need to do what they need to do.”

“But listen, if I was messing with a married woman, I would do anything in my power so it don’t hurt her husband or it don’t get back to her husband. That’s my duty,” Trick said. “I’m not gonna be calling her phone all times of the night. I’m not gonna try to fight her.”

You can watch this particular moment of the interview via the Instagram video above, or watch the full conversation below. 

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