Saturday, August 13, 2022

A TikTok User Details Her Disappointing Experience When She Met Miguel

Miguel (Wireimage-Getty)
Miguel (Wireimage-Getty)

*An online fan of singer Miguel has come out to talk about a meeting she had with him ten years ago in which she describes as a disappointing experience. The TikTok video of the fan sharing her experience recently went viral. The meeting with the R&B singer took place at a club for his wife’s birthday celebration.

The fan was testing out a popular trend on the social media platform. So she thought she should test the trending hit “Adorn” by Miguel. The choice of the Grammy-winning song brought back the bad memories she said are “traumatizing.” She said: “Testing this trending sound even though it’s traumatizing because when I met Miguel, he was so mean that I cried when I got home.”

When other social media users watched the viral clip and asked her to provide more information about the incident, she posted another video detailing what occurred when she met or tried to meet the singer. In a disclaimer, she clarified that social media users should not bully him based on her revelation, according to theJasmineBrand.

“Disclaimer: Please don’t tag, bully or harass him. That’s not at all what I’m about!”

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The woman, a California native, then explained that her encounter with the 36-year-old singer occurred in 2012 at a club when his “Adorn single was released. The song was a big hit at the time and was a favorite for the scorned woman.

In the club, she walked up to Miguel’s section, holding her camera and ready to meet and take a quick snap or 2 with him.

She added, “[And] I just motioned to get his attention and he looked at me with so much disgust that I thought I was misreading something because I’ve never had someone look at me like that ever since. [And] So I gathered myself and I was like ‘Okay let me just like try to motion for the camera so he understands that like we actually came to see them.”

Miguel & Nazanin Mandi
Miguel & Nazanin Mandi

When she tried to direct him to the camera, the singer waved her off and turned his back to him. At that point, she lost her composure. She then made eye contact with his wife, Nazanin Mandi, hoping she would come to her rescue, but the wife just laughed and continued dancing.

“[And] I was pretty much just like devastated ‘cause I was a huge fan.  They said to come out (and) they posted a flyer etc. that it would be okay to go and approach them. And so that’s why I cried.”




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