Saturday, August 13, 2022

Not A Good Look! Rhode Island Senator Tiara Mack Catching it for Twerking on TikTok | WATCH

Tiara Mack (twerking-TikTok)
Tiara Mack (twerking-TikTok)

*28-year-old Rhode Island state senator Tiara Mack has been trending on Twitter today after she recorded a video of her twerking on the beach and it went viral. At the end of the video she jokingly looked into the camera and said “vote for Senator Mack.”

Mack has been responding to comments throughout the day about her viral video. Earlier today, republican politician Lavern Spicer used the word disgraced to describe the twerk video.

@MackDistrict6 just disgraced her and disgraced every black woman running for public office,” she said. “Right back at ya girl.” Senator Mack replied.

Mack made another video responding to a message on TikTok that said, “I don’t ever wanna hear you complain about how ‘women aren’t respected in this country’ after posting this.” Mack responded with a video saying, “honey baby, this ain’t it because I have an ivy league degree and I’m sitting state senator. It’s not about what I’m wearing or what I’m doing they won’t respect me regardless.”

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Wait! There’s more …

Mack, who is openly lesbian, was raised in Georgia and South Carolina by a single mother who worked as a teacher.

Mack moved to Providence, Rhode Island in 2012 and earned a BA in public health in 2016.

She also defended her actions with this response:

“Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday. can the media cover any policy wins had by the youngest Black state senator in Rhode Island? can the media also cover the 10+ bills I sponsored that the @RISenate never scheduled for a hearing? As a Black, queer woman you all should know the answer. It’s no. Let’s them carry on their narrative. Me? I’m going to be joyful, free, and unbothered.”

Here’s some reactions to her TikTok twerking:




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