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Hornets GM Reacts to Reports That Miles Bridges is Not Being Offered Max Contract

Hornets Miles Bridges
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*Charlotte Hornets general manager Mitch Kupchak is shutting down reports that Miles Bridges is not being offered a max contract.

Bridges’ agent, Rich Paul, reportedly talked him out of accepting a $60 million contract extension last offseason, as Miles is set to earn far more as a restricted free agent this summer, according to NBC Sports

A max offer is projected to be worth about $131 million over four years. The Hornets are said to be hesitant about matching that. On Monday’s episode of “NBA Today”, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst stated: “Let’s take a look at Miles Bridges. He’s not being offered, from what I’m told, a max contract from the Charlotte Hornets right now. So, he’s going to go out into the market place, starting on Thursday or Friday, and see if he can get that offer from somewhere else.”

According to reports, Bridges demanded a max contract after becoming the team’s highest scorer during his breakout 2021-22 season. Per Yahoo, “if Bridges accepts a max contract offer from another team, the Hornets will have 48 hours to match the offer or facilitate a sign-and-trade.”

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Kupchak made clear on Tuesday that the Hornets would like to retain Bridges. “As an organization, we love Miles,” Kupchak said, CBS reports. “We’re going to bring him back. He’s been great for the franchise, and I believe with his work ethic he’s only going to get better.”

Kupchak’s comments come weeks after Bridges posted pics of himself drinking Lean (also known as purple drank) and smoking a joint on Instagram. Per TPS, “The 24-year-old Charlotte Hornets player posted on his Instagram Stories featuring a joint and a styrofoam cup with pink/purple-ish colored liquid inside.”

When fans criticized the athlete over the June 6 post, he responded by noting that his drink of choice was “Pink lemonade.” Bridges ultimately deleted the tweet. 

As reported by SandraRose, Lean is a mixture of prescription codeine cough syrup, a soft drink and hard candy in a styrofoam cup.

According to TPS, Bridges’ actions off the court have influenced the Hornets’ decision on whether or not to part ways with him.

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