Saturday, October 1, 2022

WATCH Goon Viciously Sucker Punch Veteran in LA’s Koreatown – Was it A Racist Attack?

*It’s definitely not breaking news, but we live in a world full of complete a**holes. We have more proof of that via a story of a veteran who was literally minding his business at a bus stop when some random a-hole goon viciously cold-cocked him and knocked him unconscious in LA’s Koreatown Tuesday afternoon.

It happened in broad daylight as the victim (named Leo) was looking at his phone while waiting for a bus at Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue around 1:45pm.  The attacker came up from behind and punched him, seemingly for no reason.

Surveillance camera footage from the scene shows the man winding up to sucker punch the 32-year-old U.S. Navy Veteran, who goes by Leo, as he waited at a bus stop, before simply walking back to his seat on the bench.

“I didn’t think he would attack,” Leo said Wednesday morning to a CBS2 reporter. “He didn’t give any warning. If he did, I would either get to safety or retaliate, but I had no chance of that.”

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Leo - screenshot
Leo – screenshot

Here’s more via CBS2: A witness confronted the suspect after he knocked the veteran unconscious. The attacker then grabbed Leo, who was still unconscious and handed him to the witness before saying “see, he’s fine.”

The witness then placed the victim onto the bench as the attacker walked away. The veteran began to regain consciousness when paramedics arrived.

Leo has no memory of the moments following the punch, though he’s extremely thankful for the Good Samaritan who stepped in to help him.

“I am so grateful for all the people that witnessed the incident and helped me up, and also called the paramedics and firefighters,” he continued.

Naturally, just like the public, Leo’s curious to find out just who hit him, and why. He’s unsure if the assault was a hate crime because he’s Asian, especially since the two didn’t share any contact prior to the incident.

“I was alone so it made me an easy target,” he said. “I was vulnerable because I was focused on the phone.”




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