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Mike Tyson Has Zero Concerns About Flying Following Fight With Passenger | Video

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson

*Mike Tyson says he has no concerns about flying commercial following his in-flight dust-up with a fellow airplane passenger. 

TMZ caught up with the famed boxer on Sunday at the airport and got him to comment about the aforementioned incident. He was also asked to share advice for other celebrities on how to handle “overzealous” fans. Check out his response via the YouTube clip below. 

We reported previously that Tyson lost his cool on a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida when a fan kept annoying him. 

Per tmz_tv, one passenger got a little too excited and kept trying to talk to the 55-year-old fighter as he sat behind him. It was said that Tyson eventually got super frustrated with the guy who kept talking in his ear off and even asked him to chill. When the man didn’t, that’s when Tyson started to throw several punches at the man’s face.

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The video of the incident shows Tyson punching the man, which bloodied the passenger’s forehead. Mike reportedly walked off the plane seconds later. The man reportedly received medical attention and reported the incident to police.

Per New York Post, “Tyson’s reps claimed the fan on the plane, Melvin Townsend III, threw a water bottle at Tyson to provoke him. Townsend’s attorney denied the latter claim,” the outlet writes. 

Last month, Tyson addressed the incident on an episode of his Hotboxin’ podcast. 

“I shouldn’t even be taking public planes,” Tyson said at the time, Complex reports. “My wife gets mad that I take public planes but what am I gonna do on a fucking plane with my friends?” According to Tyson, the fellow JetBlue passenger “was fucking with me” during the flight and ultimately “triggered” him.

The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office announced in May that Tyson would face no charges, citing “circumstances surrounding the confrontation.”

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