Friday, August 12, 2022

Police Release Video of Suspect Pointing Gun at Man Holding Baby at Gas Station | WATCH

man holding sleeping baby
Man with baby and man with gun – screenshot

*Detroit police have turned to the public for help tracking down a suspect seen in a video pointing a gun at a man holding a baby inside a gas station. 

The incident happened Sunday evening at a gas station located on the corner of Hubbell and Tireman. Detroit Police Department’s 2nd Precinct shared video and images of the suspect wanted in connection to an aggravated assault that took place inside the service station, Fox News reports. 

The suspect, wearing a tan bucket hat and a white shirt, pulls out a gun from his waistband once he enters the gas station and points the firearm at a man holding a sleeping baby. 

Watch the moment here or via the clips below. 

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Here’s more from FOX News:

The man, with a cigarette hanging from his lip, quickly reacts, throwing his arm up and attempting to grab the gun. The suspect, still holding the gun, backs out of the store and is seen standing in the lot fiddling with the weapon. 

FOX 32 Chicago reported that investigators believe the man’s quick thinking and brief blow to the gun might have caused the weapon to stall.  The outlet also reported that the baby is just 7 months old, and police believe both men had separately walked to the gas station following an argument. The suspect fled the scene.

“We are attempting to identify a suspect in an aggravated assault,” a tweet from Detroit Police Department’s 2nd Precinct Commanding Officer Michael Chambers said. “If you recognize the suspect with the tan bucket hat and white A-shirt, please contact Detective Rice 313-596-5240 or call 1-800-SPEAK-UP.” 

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