Friday, July 1, 2022

Check Out AllBlk’s Trailer for Deitrick Haddon’s Faith-Based Film ‘The Fallen’ | WATCH

The Fallen - movie - poster

*Gospel artist Deitrick Haddon is starring in “The Fallen,” a faith-based movie that is set to premiere this month on AllBlk, a streaming platform The announcement was made on Tuesday. He also doubles as the movie’s writer and director.

The movie is a follow-up to “Blessed and Cursed” (2010) and picks up from where the first ended, with praise and worship leader Dwight Hawkins (Haddon), finally realizing his dream of a professional music career.

In the trailer just released, Dwight is shown landing a record deal. However, he soon finds himself entangled in the trappings that come with fame.

“Little by little, I found myself being pulled into it,” he says while being led around by beautiful women and using drugs. As his life begins to crumble, he admits he never meant for it to happen.

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Other stars include singer Major, who is a Grammy-nominee; gospel artist B Slade; singer Q Parker (112); and comedian Jonathan Slocumb. Other casts include Jo él Quinn (Sparkle) and Brittany Lucio (A House Divided).

The official description of the movie reads: “With the help of his friend-turned-manager Jared (Jor él Quinn), Dwight has landed a showcase for TMG records, one of the biggest labels in the business. A stellar performance gains him the favor of TMG President, Brandon K. Sterling (Johnathan Slocumb) and before he knows it, Dwight is signed and placed at the top of the label’s priority list. Dwight feels like he is living a whole new life, and when Sterling arranges a collaboration between Dwight and superstar rapper Bonnie B (Lucio), his world changes forever. Dwight has everything he has ever wanted, but it all starts to slip between his fingers. Hitting rock bottom, he is at the point of giving up until an intervention and the visitation of the Holy Spirit shows him he still has a purpose.”

The movie is executive produced by Eric Tomosunas and Keith Neal, with Swirl Films as the producer. Other executive producers include Bryant Scott of Tyscot Entertainment, Deitrick Haddon, and Jeff Mosely of Fairtrade Entertainment.

The Fallen posterDeitrick Hadden’s “The Fallen” is set to begin streaming on Thursday, June 30.




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