Thursday, July 7, 2022

Kandi Klaps Back! SLAMS Marlo Hampton For Calling Her A ‘Hoe’ | WATCH

Kandi Burruss - Access Hollywood screenshot
Kandi Burruss – Access Hollywood screenshot

*On this week’s episode of Access Hollywood‘s “Housewives Nightcap,” Kandi Burruss  gets real about the drama ensuing on this season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Kandi slams her co-star Marlo Hampton for her “vile” remarks and shares why she was shocked over Sheree Whitfield “co-signing” with her. Kandi also admits that her feud with Marlo just gets “worse” as the season goes on and now that she is provoked, she won’t be holding back at the reunion!

Kandi’s reaction on watching Marlo and Sheree talk about her

“She [Marlo} started bringing up my past and tried to figure out people that I’ve dated or whatever she had to say about me … and I’m like, ‘Um mam, let’s not. Let us get on you … let’s not do that.’ Because some of the things the ladies were saying I could clearly go all the way in to say about them. Ok, but we just going to leave it at that. ”

“To be honest with you … Marlo says anything out of her mouth. She said I was a hoe, or whatever … I’m like a woman who is a known or allegedly a known whore cannot talk to me… I was more surprised by Sheree co-signing everything Marlo was saying. I expect that from Marlo but SHEREE! I was done when I saw that. I was totally shocked because I haven’t even done anything to Sheree. I don’t even understand where this energy is coming from. It just totally threw me off.”

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On being confused by Sheree
“When (Marlo) said something about that’s why Kandi dates beneath her tax bracket, I was like, ‘WHAT?!’ First of all, Sheree was sitting there preaching, egging her on and co-signing everything that Marlo was saying. Uh, Sheree, you just got dissed by a man that just got out of prison honey. Clearly if that’s not below your tax bracket. He ain’t paying taxes in years! So I’m confused. How are you amen-ing what she’s saying in your situation? I’m confused. It’s giving tired and played. She’s totally played, all the way around, in all parts of her life. So, girl, why are you over here joining forces with somebody else who ain’t got nothing going on? The two played, lame ladies of the group (haha), yall, joining forces against me? Oh ok, great.”




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