Friday, July 1, 2022

Yung Miami’s New Hilarious ‘Caresha Please’ Podcast’s Got Diddy Stuttering in Hot Seat | WATCH

*On her new podcast “Caresha Please,” Yung Miami put Diddy between a rock and a hard place, thanks to her tough question. The stunned hip-hop mogul found himself stuttering as the questions rained on him heavily.

First, he was asked about his new venture, “Love Records,” and how being a father has been since Kim Porter passed. But that was just a warm-up. The hard-hitting questions soon rolled out. The trailer has Diddy shaking in his boots as Yung Miami questions him about his relationship status, sex life, why he never got into marriage and if ever he is faithful. Diddy is rumored to be dating Yung Miami.

“REVOLT is about giving a platform to the most authentic and disruptive voices in Hip Hop that move the culture,” Diddy said in a statement about the podcast. “Yung Miami is not only a superstar artist, she’s also unapologetically herself and brings a perspective women around the world can relate to, which is why I’m excited to bring her podcast to life.”

On her part, Yung Miami pledged to keep on with the momentum on her new show, also promising to keep it as aw as she does on wax.

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Diddy & Yung Miami (Caresha Please) - Revolt
Diddy & Yung Miami (Caresha Please) – Revolt

“Be ready to be entertained; you never know who may pop up, all things go on Caresha Please. Nothing is off-limits,” the City Girl rep added in the statement.

When the rumors that she was romancing with Diddy broke forth, Yung Miami at first maintained silence. But then Gina Huynh, Diddy’s ex, posted a picture of her kissing Diddy on the check. Yung Miami and the ex got into a social media catfight, trading insults.

As the fight neared its end, Miami wrote, “that’s why I f**** with yo n****  & ain’t coming off him I don’t care how many pics you post!”

That, essentially, confirmed the rumors she is dating Diddy, wrote Madamenoire.

The first episode of “Caresha Please” premiered on YouTube and Revolt on June 9. Check it out below.

Check out The Breakfast Club’s reaction to the first episode of Yung Miami’s “Caresha Please,” below. What are YOUR thoughts?




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