Thursday, August 11, 2022

Nairobi’s Alchemist Club Accused of Racial Discrimination after Pulling a Black Man from a Queue | VIDEO

*The Alchemist Club, one of the most popular nightclubs in Nairobi, Kenya, came under attack after a 24-seconds video that has since gone viral showed a Black person being unceremoniously removed from the joint.

The man, apparently a Kenyan, is shown joining a queue (line) with lots of white people. He is probably unaware there is racial discrimination at the club. Soon after, he was whisked away. The video was posted on Twitter by one Murgor, who alleged rife racial discrimination at the upmarket establishment that White and Black people have separate queues to access the club.

However, things are not different once you get past the queue and into the club. Other sources familiar with the joint intimated that customers are treated differently; White customers are given the best seats already reserved for them while Black ones take what is left.

As expected, the video attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans. As some wondered how such things continue in this day and age, others noted racial discrimination is routine at Alchemist club.

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“Alchemist is racist and you know that na bado unaenda kwani we ni mjinga [but you still go there; are you stupid]?” wrote one Ovo Fuego.

“I once worked at Alchemist back in 2017, they were not allowing Kenyans inside when they had a major event unless you’re a celeb or a known customer. They assumed most Kenyans will steal from the whites,” Sammy Sizah wrote.

“Alchemist is the most ghetto place I have been to in Nairobi, not enough space, smoke everywhere of all kind, terrible service with a side of racism. I think you guys go here because it is an establishment where white and Indian people go and you think its a status symbol,” quipped Lord Gichohi.

“Why can’t they take Alchemist to India where there will be only Indians inside or Germany where only whites will be allowed, because even in the US the blacks won’t allow that stupidity. You can’t have a club in Kenya and still be racist and segregate Kenyans,” Agunda Rachel wondered.

“I can only call the black Kenyans who go queue in a separate line to access Alchemist fools because I can not find a more apt name to call them. Are you trying to fit in? Do you want to feel you hang out in the same club with Wazungu? Why exactly is this?” Ohyta Royta posed.

Alchemist Club queue
Alchemist Club queue – screenshot

To save face, no doubt, the club’s management has issued a statement stating that it was investigating the matter and asked people who were aggrieved to reach out to them. The management further added the club is open to all people, regardless of their backgrounds.




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