Friday, July 1, 2022

Despicable! Chi-Raq Gang Members Caught on Video Throwing 2-Year-Old Son of an Opp in Trash

Gang throws 2-yr-old in trash
Gang throws 2-yr-old in trash / Reddit

*Chicago area gang members who call themselves “demons” are now engaging in outrageous acts that show just how deep into depravity they seem to fall. The gang has devised a new method of revenging their enemies, or “opps” as they are referred to on the street.

Several media outlets have reported that the gang members now target their opp’s kids, some of who are as young as two years old. In the past, the gangs never involved children in the gang matters. However, the “anything goes” new generation of gangs has discarded that old-time beacon, and now are prepared to do anything to get back at their enemies, reports Media Take Out.

The latest instance of how vicious these gangs can be involves one Chi-Raq gang member who recently posted a video of himself mishandling a 2-year-old boy. In the video, the gang member throws the boy into a garbage can. The social media reports indicate the gang member “caught the 2-year-old boy slipping.”

The gang member had failed to get the boy’s father, so he decided to “violate” the baby. He posted the image on his social media page because he wanted everyone to know what a demon he has become. The Chicago police had not commented on the matter by the time this report was compiled.

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Gang throws 2-yr-old in trash
Gang throws 2-yr-old in trash / Reddit

The video can be viewed here.




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