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Cory A. Haywood: I’m Not Bothered by Ciara Twerking on her Bronco Truck – But Russell Wilson Should be Outraged! | VIDEO

Ciara twerking on Bronco
Ciara twerking on Bronco / screenshot

*Ciara is a mother of three. Uno. Dos. Tres. That’s right – three little ones slid their way out of her thang-thang, making the 36-year-old singer INELIGIBLE for “hot girl summers” and “THOTathons.” Apparently, she hasn’t gotten the memo. But I’ll get to that later.

I’m sure her husband, NFL quarterback (Denver Broncos) Russell Wilson, loves all of their children unconditionally … even the stepkid. (For those of you who aren’t aware, Ciara’s “other” baby daddy is a whorish rapper. He calls himself, “Future.” She banged him without using a rubber. The result was a child – Future Jr.)

Let’s continue.

In a video she recently publicized on social media, Ciara can be seen “twerking” – rather skillfully – while she straddles the frame of her Ford Bronco truck … at a gas station. She’s joined by two others who themselves appear to be extremely experienced twerkers.

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In other words, the video consists of three heffas twerking on a Bronco.

Let’s continue further.

I don’t have an issue with Ciara popping her 36-year -old coochie like her soul depends on it. More power to her.

Wait … I take that back.

It’s slightly off-putting because, you know, three human beings crawled out of that thang.

It’s kinda like watching a great basketball game inside of an old ass gym at the YMCA.

Definitely a pleasure to see … but the environment is a bit dank, dilapidated … you understand.

Anyway …

I’m impressed by how limber and vivacious she continues to be at her age.

HOWEVER, if I were Russell Wilson – I’d be pissed. Let’s keep it a buck – no man on earth, unless he’s  – a b*tch … would condone footage of his WIFE twerking in public like she’s the lead vixen in a Hot Boyz video.

Moreover, I’d be even more pissed if she recorded that video … after say, breastfeeding my infant son.

That’s just an example.

It’s crazy – the woman probably gathered her daughter from school in that Bronco earlier in the day, and then she turned it into a stripper pole later that night.

I’m having a hard time making sense of it.

Here’s the rub – Mr. Wilson knows he can’t stop his wife from shaking her ass on camera. It’s too late – he didn’t set boundaries at the beginning.

He’s been cheering her on like a hype man every time she releases one of these videos – and she’s done plenty.

Ciara & Russell
Ciara & Russell

I can hear the conversation now …

Ciara: “Hey babe, you like my new video?”

Russell Wilson: “You mean the one of you dry humping a stop sign? Yeah, I love it. Those ass-less chaps look great on you, babe.”

Ciara: “Aww … thanks, Russy. Hey, your Mom called – asked if we’re gonna meet her at church on Sunday.”

Russell Wilson: “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Now … chances are, that conversation never happened. Or maybe it did.

But damn! Speaking as a red-blooded MAN with his testicles fully intact, I couldn’t imagine having a beer with the homies, and one of them saying, “your wife still got hydraulics in her booty. Respect, bro.”

Call me old-fashioned, but I just believe some things – like my wife’s ass – shouldn’t be shared with the public, especially if she’s the mother of my young children.

It’s disrespectful of her to keep gyrating her private parts for nig*as to see on Instagram. Twerking – especially at her age – isn’t empowering, “brave” or inspirational as some feminists would attempt to argue.

To put it plainly, her antics reek of immaturity, irreverence, and worst of all, ratchetness.

That girl knows better.

But she is determined to do what makes her feel good – like many other women in modern society today.

Forget class. Nevermind decency. To hell with discretion, or accountability.

Attention has become the new currency for today’s women – and clearly many will do anything they can to get it – even twerk on a Bronco truck.

Ciara’s behavior is entertaining for the rest of us, but if Russell’s NOT embarrassed, then I can only assume he’s absorbed too many tackles on the football field … and he needs his head examined.

Oh, and there’s this …


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Cory A. Haywood
Cory A. Haywood




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