Thursday, August 11, 2022

Outrage After Unarmed, Pregnant Black Woman Shot 5 Times by Police | WATCH

Leonna Hale shot

*The Kansas City Police Department is under fire after an unarmed Black woman was shot multiple times while officers were trying to conduct an arrest.

Here’s more from Vlad TV: On Friday, two officers tracked down what they believed was a stolen vehicle at the Family Dollar discount store. Just as the cops tried to make contact with the pair, the suspects hopped out and made a run for it. One suspect managed to evade the scene while the other, a pregnant woman named Leonna Hale, ended up getting surrounded by police officers until she surrendered. What happened next has been the topic of debate for the past few days.

According to witnesses on hand, Hale, a 26-year-old pregnant Black woman was allegedly shot five times while she was unarmed. She also reportedly informed the cops that she was pregnant before they gunned her down. There are also reports that Hale may have been shot before she was cuffed and that a gun was within close proximity to her during the encounter. Those facts are still being investigated.  

In a video captured by a witness, Hale is seen lying on the ground with blood on her shirt as one cop appears to handcuff her.

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The shooting prompted outrage on social media. Several notable activists have spoken out about the officer’s handling of Hale. 

“#LeonnaHale is a 26 year old unarmed pregnant Black Woman who was shot five times by Kansas City police on Friday. She had her hands up and told police she could not follow their directions to get on her stomach b/c she was pregnant. There is no reforming this. #AbolitionNow,” tweeted Leslie Mac

“How many people have to die before y’all realize police can’t be reformed?” wrote Britni Danielle. “Leonna Hale deserved better. We all do.”

“She’d have been safer if, instead of being unarmed and pregnant, she were armed in a school shooting children,” wrote Steve Cox in reference to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary on May 24th.

Per the report, in response to the fierce backlash over the police-involved shooting, KCPD interim police chief Joseph Mabin stated that his department would be “100 percent transparent” with the public amid the investigation. 

Meanwhile, the two police officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, according to the report. 

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